Pakistan Intelligence report warns of country-wide attacks in October 2009

pakistanIn the current wave of terrorism and suicide attacks in the month of October, 2009, many people have died on various days, including death of a sub inspector on the motorway in the car bomb blast on 25th October 2009.

Intelligence agencies of the country have issued a security warning today at 25th October 2009 against a possible wave of terrorist activity and suicide attacks/blasts across the county.

According to the intelligence report, the President, Assembly buildings and offices of law enforcement agencies are on the hit list of the targets of these terrorists.

The intelligence report regarding another suspected wave of terrorist attacks in Pakistan in the month of October 2009, also mentioned that the NWFP Minister of Information, Mian Iftikhar Hussain and other leaders of ANP are also on the terrorists hit-list.

Offices of Lahore police officers, clubs / cafes and grid stations could also be targeted by the terrorist in the coming days.

The intelligence report stated that the terrorists might hijack a transport bus of KRL and use it for carrying out the violent terrorist activity.

We pray that Allah keep every one of us in his care, and have mercy on us, and forgive us . . .

All the people who are in any law enforcement agency, and their children/family, please take proper care and make sure about people entering and around your homes.

Avoid going to the clubs and cafe and cinema’s these days to avoid any possible danger.

God forgive us!

Please suggest What can we do for Pakistan in current crisis situation?

Bomb Blast on Motorway – Pakistan on 25th October 2009

Motorway signSome time ago from now, there was a bomb blast in a car on the motor way. The bomb blast happened when the Motorway police tried to stop the suspected car and the person inside it blew himself near Chakwal, Pakistan.

The attach is part of the current wave of suicide bomb blasts which started in the month of October, 2009 in Pakistan. This attack happened at around 1:45 am on 25th of October, 2009.

The suicide bomber exploded him near the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway Interchange (ILMI) late at Saturday night, 25th October, 2009 resulting in the death of a Sub-Inspector.

The motorway police spokesman stated that the motorway police officials were trying to intercept and stop a suspected vehicle and upon indicating him to stop, he blew himself up with explosives near the Islamabad-Lahore Motorwar Interchange, killing the Sub-Inspector Motorway Police Shah-e-Iran.

Motorway police was informed around 10pm on 24th october 2009, that there is a terrorist carrying explosives from Peshawar to Lahore. Motorway Police chased the silver car which they asked to stop near the Kallar Kahar and chakwal Interchange where he was taken out of the car and during that the car exploded and the Motorway Police officer Sub-Inspector died on spot. The age of the arrested driver was was taken out of the car before it exploded was around 24 to 26 years of age. 20 lac will be given to the family of the Sub Inspector dieing in the blast will .

Police caught another suspected person near the blast and he has been taken to the unidentified location for investigation. Motorway Police saved the Lahore from some very big loss!

There are intelligence reports of more terrorist attack in the coming days of October 2009 and November 2009 in all over Pakistan. Click here to read more about intelligence report.

Please suggest What can we do for Pakistan in current crisis situation?

18 Died in Mohmand Agency, Pakistan landmine blast on 23rd October, 2009

10-23-2009_51512_lA bus having passengers going to a marriage party hit a landmine in tehsil Lakro of Mohmand Agency today on 23rd of October, 2009, killing eighteen people due to the blast.

The marriage party bus struck the anti-tank landmine planted by the militants in tehsil Lakro of Mohmand Agency on 23rd October, 2009. Eighteen people including women and children have been killed on the spot and four women, two men injured due to the blast from the landmine. The injured were rushed to the hospital.

The anti-tank landmines were placed by the militants in the Lakro, Mohmand agency against the Army convoy due to the on going operation which is underway against the militants and foreign terrorists in the Mohmand agency.

May Allah bless those who died in the blast, and give peace to their relatives and friends.

Peshawar car bomb blast on 23rd October, 2009

peshawar bomb blastAnother terrorist act in Peshawar, Pakistan, a car bomb blast done via remote control in the posh area of Hyatabad, Peshawar, Pakistan on 23rd of October, 2009.

The exploding car was parked outside a restaurant in Hyatabad Phase 2. Gun shots were also heard after the blast. No one died on the spot due to the recent hyatabad, peshawar remote control car bomb blast, but fifteen people were injured in it. Police cordoned off the area and police officials and rescue workers shifted the wounded people to Hyatabad Medical Complex.

Law enforcement agencies have arrested a suspected man who they shifted to undisclosed location for interrogations.

The bomb disposal squad sources informed that the bomb blast took place via remote control bomb inside the car with almost 40 kilogrms of explosive.

Suicide bomb blast at security forces check post near Kamra Aeronautical Complex Pakistan on 23rd October 2009

kamra, blast, octoberThere was a suicide bomb blast at the security forces check post near Kamra Aeronautical Complex reporting seven dead till now. Seven other person were reported injured.

ATTOCK: The death toll of suicide bombing at a security forces check post near Kamra Aeronautical Complex has reached to seven. Seven persons wounded in the blast.

DPO Attock Fakhar Sultan stated that the suicide bomber blew himself near Kamra Aeronautical Complex at GT road in dictrict Attock killing seven person including two security men and four civilians. Eight people were injured in the explosion. The injured were taken to the Attock hospital for treatment.

The blast happened at around 10:00 am on 23rd of october 2009 at a security check post near Kamra Aeronautical Complex at GT road, Attock, Pakistan

Firing at Islamabad Kachahri – F-8 (Police Station and courts) [confirmed]

islamabad, police, f8 firingThere was firing and spotting of a suspected suicide attacker in F-8 kachari area (police station and courts). The banks etc closed down their shutters to prevent any incident from happening. My brother was at that time inside the kachahri when this happen and he informed it, showing that the DIG saying that there was no such incident is not so.

Police ceased the area and cleared it though, but Islamabad is full of threats today on 22nd october 2009. So all the guys watch out and avoid high target areas like military and police areas and stations, shopping malls and gatherings.

2 Soldiers shot dead in G-11 Islamabad by terrorists in car

islamabad, october attackOur maid came late today and told the reason that they were being checked to cross the G-11 area by the security persons and police/army due to firing which took place in front of her early this morning on 22nd october, 2009.

The terrorists opened firing on the security personals there, killing 2 on the spot(according to her) on the open road.

The terrorists managed to escape after firing.

Guys! watch out when you move around, just be sure not to get into any such situation!

Volunteer Students asked to get registered in their local Police Stations to help – A trap?

While listening to the news last night on TV i head them saying that the motivated students and young people are asked to get their name registered in their local police stations, so that their services can be used in case of need after this current wave of attacks in Pakistan, specially the last attack on the International Islamic University on 20th October, 2009.

Pakistan_policebatchThis could be any medical professional, or even some one who is trained in art of war or fight/firearms etc.

Well, obviously like most of us, i got enthusiastic too, but then my mom just said some thing. She said, what if this is a trap, to list out all those who are emotional enough to leave every thing and go on working for the country in any way? what if this is part of crack down by the corrupt personals around us, to get those listen and then ruled out who can be a threat to their corrupt politics and system?

Well, what she said has weight! but maybe , what if it’s not? what if they really want to get help from some people who can help then in this situation? Confusion!!! . . .

Remember that Firon killed all born babies in his time . . . but Musa still survived . . .

More Terrorist Attacks Expected in Pakistan (October 2009)

xin_2920805211627093117976The terrorism wave which started recently is like growing more and more. . . After the painful incidence that happened yesterday, attack on the International Islamic University, God knows for what purpose! there are many more threats to other universities etc for further suicide attacks.

Other than that, there is some news from a source, that around 15 terrorist attacks will be held more in which the cars will be blasted etc and further more blasts in the city of Rawalpindi, shopping centers etc.

So all you guys out there, don’t start jumping around due to the days off from the university, just stick to your home, or atleast don’t go into the crowd! Ya ya, i know, most of you don’t fear death, but fear the loss that your parents will face, if they lose you.

All educational institues in Punjab closed for indefinitely until further notification

Pakistan mapPunjab government has announced all the universities and college to be closed for an indefinite time until further notification.

The notification was made due to the threat of terrorist attack on the institutes, which was there already few days ago, but was not taken seriously by many universities, and this resulted in 2 blasts in the International university, Islamabad, on 20th october, 2009.

Don’t know how long will these institutes will remain closed! and if they remain closed, then where will the blast happen now!

Whatever is going on, it really hurts . . .