Pakistan Intelligence report warns of country-wide attacks in October 2009

pakistanIn the current wave of terrorism and suicide attacks in the month of October, 2009, many people have died on various days, including death of a sub inspector on the motorway in the car bomb blast on 25th October 2009.

Intelligence agencies of the country have issued a security warning today at 25th October 2009 against a possible wave of terrorist activity and suicide attacks/blasts across the county.

According to the intelligence report, the President, Assembly buildings and offices of law enforcement agencies are on the hit list of the targets of these terrorists.

The intelligence report regarding another suspected wave of terrorist attacks in Pakistan in the month of October 2009, also mentioned that the NWFP Minister of Information, Mian Iftikhar Hussain and other leaders of ANP are also on the terrorists hit-list.

Offices of Lahore police officers, clubs / cafes and grid stations could also be targeted by the terrorist in the coming days.

The intelligence report stated that the terrorists might hijack a transport bus of KRL and use it for carrying out the violent terrorist activity.

We pray that Allah keep every one of us in his care, and have mercy on us, and forgive us . . .

All the people who are in any law enforcement agency, and their children/family, please take proper care and make sure about people entering and around your homes.

Avoid going to the clubs and cafe and cinema’s these days to avoid any possible danger.

God forgive us!

Please suggest What can we do for Pakistan in current crisis situation?

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