Medical Student Killed vice principal in Islamic International Medical College

Almost half an hour ago a final year student from Islamic International Medical College, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, shot dead the vice principal of the college.

Its being rumored that he killed him for not letting him sit in the professional examinations.

The killer also tried to kill other professors of related department (community medicine) but they managed to escape. (Dr. Ayaz and Dr. Komal)

Vice Principal of Islamic International Medical College, Dr. Brig. Sanaullah was in his office when he was killed by the student.

He was shot dead in day time when university was having normal classes and schedule, and all the guards were on duty.

He was holding a rifle (model not confirmed yet) in his hands when he was heading towards the vice principal office and no one tried to stop him. Once he killed him, he moved to lecture halls to kill the professors and other teachers.

Gates of the university were closed after this incident (don’t know why) which were opened on force by the students to let them go out.

Vice principal of IIMC was shot twice on face in his office (IIMC, peshawar road, rawalpindi,) today on tuesday, 6th september, 2011

Admissions open in Islamic International Medical College – rawalpindi

Well guys, here we go again, a new year and new wave of mbbs admission to Islamic international medical college, rawalpindi, Pakistan (and for Islamic international dental complex for bds in Islamabad)

Well, why don’t the students, BEFORE the admission try to goto the university and ask the innocent student about the reviews? that what was their experience? was it fine? or was it worst and like losing their precious years of life? comeon dude! it won’t take more than 15 min even! go on! ask some one what hell you are going to be in pretty soon!

Oh and do you want to read my experience about the first day at this IIMC (riphah university) ?

Or you want to know some other stuff about IIMC? (riphah – islamic international medical college)

Surgery Sendup Cancelled by Iqbal Khan! (iimct/rgh)

Ugh! why the hell do they advertise the sendup so much when they don’t stick to their plans themself!  I skipped my camping for this stupid surgery sendup to prepare for this and ofcourse to appear in the sendup being held on 30th of december 2009 in the railway hospital campus of islamic international medical college, but on 26th, this dude, Iqbal khan, professor of surgery, cancelled the sendup! I feel like going to him and yelling at him that now you should take it! this is  .. .

Anyway! i was bit happy that now my surgery will be prepared till 30th of this month, but alas! now i will be studying right at the time of prof! hmm… i think i should join the camp from tomorrow. .  lets see..

Btw, do pray for me (who ever reads this!) if not me, then do pray for the patients that i’ll be treating just after a few months :p

Surgery I topics (also for sendup exam) IIMCT/PRH

Following is the list of the topics for the Surgery I paper for final year mbbs professional examination 2010 (the same topics are meant to be included in the december 30th 2009 surgery sendups examination in Islamic International Medical College Trust / Pakistan railway hospital – Riphah international university, Rawalpindi, Pakistan)

  1. Preoperative care of surgical patients
  2. Anesthesia and pain management
  3. General principles and types of anesthesia
  4. Drugs used in anesthesia and CPR
  5. Post operative care
  6. Critical care and life support
  7. Management of burns and skin cover
  8. Fluid and electrolytes and acid base balance
  9. IV fluids and blood transfusion
  10. Nutrition of surgical patients
  11. Wound and their complications
  12. Infections
  13. Safe surgery and sterilization
  14. Cyst, ulcer, sinus, tumor, in general principles of oncology
  15. Transplant
  16. Trauma in general
  17. Trauma, deformities, congenital disorders, soft tissue disorders, tumors infections in orthopaedics
  18. Head and spinal injury tumors and peripheral nerves in neuro surgery
  19. Face mouth thyroid parathyroid adrenals and breast in fasio maxillary surgery

Special thanks to Kosmic Kid (Sameer Ahmed) for providing the list of topics to me on messenger. Adios!

Harold Ellis! ugh! – Starting surgery preparation!

I wish i would have planned of starting earlier! :( and completed bailey (no no! not four times like atif and wasiq! just once . . .) but alas! anyway . . . starting harold Ellis today! been trying for last 2 days though! hopefully will succeed today! :)

Dunno if i’ll be able to finish it up till 30th december, gonna have the final year surgery sendup in Islamic internaitonal medical college/ pakistan railway hospital (iimc/prh). Well i know i’m gonna pass anyway :P but wanna pass on my own this time! :D Btw, sameer said that its not compulsoryto appear in and pass the sendup . . . hmm . . .anyway . .do pray for me, if not me, then pray for those patients who i will be dealing with in near future :D

Upgraded Security of the Islamic International Medical College Campus! hah!

December being the last month for the final year mbbs of session 2005, Islamic International Medical College Trust / Pakistan Railway Hospital (iimct/prh), we had to goto our college campus after long time for some official documentation and attendance issues etc, well, there were some pretty amusing changes right at the entrance! (and only at the entrance maybe!)

While entering into the main gate, it was closed and guarded and only students and staff were allowed to go in, i was in CIVIL dress and not the uniform, and none of the guards had ever seen me before, but, i just said “final year” and went in through the SECURE gates of the iimc campus! :p Well, then again, in the parking area, i was asked my name and who i am, i just said my name, and final year, and there you go! i was in! wondering how SECURE the entrance check was!

I had to goto the university campus for three days infact, so by the third day, they didn’t even ask me and just let me in without even stopping me, and i had a friend with me too who never belong to the university and they weren’t checked or asked who they are.

Whats the point of this useless post? well dunno exactly, but, in the same way, whats the point of that useless security? when they don’t even ask anyone properly who they are and anyone can enter without getting caught in this way!

This is not just the college campus, its the same in the hospital campus too, and not only this the similar thing happened while i went into a very sensitive gathering and conference in a highly guarded place last month “UN-Invited” (can’t disclose more).

I just wonder on what is this security and stuff when a simple dude like me can bypass them so easily (not talking about the college one, it simply sucks) . . . anyway . . good luck to all those who still feel secure in that SECURE environment.

Datesheet Final Year Mbbs Prof 2010 – Islamic International Medical College (iimc/prh)

The current proposed datesheet for the final year mbbs prof 2010, Islamic International Medical college trust / dmbtestPakistan railway hospital (iimct/prh) by the administration staff has been released. These dates are expected to change (might not change too! so don’t just start jumping!)

20 jan – Medicine-1

23 jan – Medicine-2

26 jan – Surgery-1

29 jan – Surgery -2

1 feb – Obs

4 feb – Gynae

8 feb – Paeds

14 feb – valentines day

15-18 feb – vivas and practicals

When the Patient died in front of me because of the Doctor’s ignorance (lady doctor infact in Islamic International Medical College Trust / Pakistan Railway Hospital)

Back in 2008, we were having our medicine ward rotations. Well, there was this old man in the ward too. The medical specialist on round was just having a round with the team in the ward and evaluating each patient. On his turn, he assessed him and declared him stable and carried on to other patient. Well just a few minutes later, he started to suffocate (his body movement for the craving for air showed it) and i just noticed it and asked the nurse to see him as i was very much junior to know what is the issue and how to fix it! and she calmly said me to tell the doctor, not her! And well, i rushed to the doctor and said him that this patient is deteriorating and he just replied, well go call the emergency department! WTF! the patient in dying in your ward under your observation! and i shall call emergency department? Dude! Well, then i realized why he said so . . . because there was no ECG machine in the MEDICINE WARD of ISLAMIC INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGE TRUST – PAKISTAN RAILWAY HOSPITAL (IIMCT/PRH). I rushed to the emergency department down stairs (oh ya, they don’t have the telephone/intercom in the ward too) to call the emergency people and get their instruments! The man came along with me and and started to stabilize the patient. Well, it was just going on and he was about to enter the endotracheal tube, and guess what? a lady doctor asked him (a fresh doctor maybe) that she wants to enter it! Remember that the emergency guy had already entered the tube properly, but took it out to let the lady enter it again! and guess what! she entered it wrong! (don’t know into the esophagus or not!) and the patient collapsed after fighting for the air! And that lady doctor. . . Started to put a hand on her mouth and laugh! i felt so annoyed though! but  . . . anyway! the patient died!

Well life and death is in God’s hands, but how stupid is it not to have instruments and trained staff in the ward? and how can that damn SPECIALIST miss the condition of the patient when he just assessed him! . . .

Pakistan – Educational Institutes to Open from Monday!

Well they are announcing that the educational institutes are going to open from Monday 26th of October, 2009 all over Pakistan.

All the students will be back to their institutes, college and universities, but what about all these news from the intelligence that there are many more attacks to come? Well we can’t keep the institutes closed for ever! but still there is high risk of terrorist activities in coming week!

God save us from all this, and forgive us . . . ameen

A few Minutes with the admin Pakistan Railway Hospital (Islamic Internaitonal Medical College Trust / Pakistan Railway Hospital)

Well, ever since we started visiting the railway hospital campus of the Islamic International Medical College Trust / Pakistan Railway Hospital (Riphah International University) we came to notice, that although hospital staff is better than the typical Old Supreme Court Campus of the Junior medical years of the Islamic International Medical College, but still, the environment  is still not very comfortable, let alone be the facilities and other things. . .

Medical_SymbolInitially, being so stupid, no one knew who to go and talk to, or even most didn’t even bothered to go and complain about the issues, this can be seen from an example, that once me and other 3 students when i was in 4th year mbbs, met the Executive Director of Islamic international medical college, riphah international university and in the discussion, when the girls CR was asked for the issues that are faced by them, the issue raised was: “canteen don’t have all flavors of Lays chips!” I wonder how serious issue this was!

Anyhow! while being in the Pakistan Railways Hospital campus of Islamic international medical college, we finally came to know that atleast Dr Umar can be considered some authority in the administration and if he comes to agree on some issues, they can be solved quite easily, but despite our many attempts, we were not able to meet him, because his PA will never allow, saying that he is busy in this, or that, bla bla. But eventually we got in there, and complaint him for the recent stuff regarding the newspaper, library(sorry, that library sort of thing right next to Jawada Mubaraka office), internet(which is scarcely found working), etc. He was very nice to hear them though! Me and other student was not in uniform, although he noticed and pointed us out, but didn’t make any issue out of it.

He listened to our stuff patiently, discussed the points, and came to some conclusions. Including that the newspaper will be restored to the Library again, with an advice to keep the noise in the library low! He also advised the related department for the dsl issue, and advised the students to inform him right in his office whenever the dsl or any other issue arises, and they can come right away in his office! Well that was really nice of him!

Oh and btw, one student tried to talk about the lowest pay in Pakistan for the house officers, but he was made shut saying that this is not his issue, as he is a student yet.

Sort of conclusion: Well, what i infer from this is that mostly the senior administration is not as impatient as they are considered(that we just noticed when we are with this General(r) Najam, who was considered too rude when he was principal), its only that the lower staff make stories out of them (remember that Naveed Gul). They might be not very good too, but atleast they are not what they are painted as.

Other than that, even if some one is bad or corrupt, they are motivated more in doing what they are doing because no one asks them or questions them. Its the right of all those students who pay millions here to become a doctor, to question them and ask them for their rights, discuss stuff with them.