2 Soldiers shot dead in G-11 Islamabad by terrorists in car

islamabad, october attackOur maid came late today and told the reason that they were being checked to cross the G-11 area by the security persons and police/army due to firing which took place in front of her early this morning on 22nd october, 2009.

The terrorists opened firing on the security personals there, killing 2 on the spot(according to her) on the open road.

The terrorists managed to escape after firing.

Guys! watch out when you move around, just be sure not to get into any such situation!

2 thoughts on “2 Soldiers shot dead in G-11 Islamabad by terrorists in car”

  1. this article is of great concern to me as my mother is in Pakistan and my grandparents live in G-11 and she is staying with them. After reading this I immediately called her and asked her whether she knew about it well she told me this firing took place around 30 meters behind my house as in the street running right behind our house and she was awoken by the firing. My point is that please be adviced and for those who can and that have family members in area that have been affected and could possibly be affected should be taken out of Pakistan for a while at least until things cool down.

  2. Assalam-o-alaikum Fahad!

    I pray that your and every ones family remain safe if they are in Pakistan or abroad. May Allah forgive us all . . .

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