Firing at Islamabad Kachahri – F-8 (Police Station and courts) [confirmed]

islamabad, police, f8 firingThere was firing and spotting of a suspected suicide attacker in F-8 kachari area (police station and courts). The banks etc closed down their shutters to prevent any incident from happening. My brother was at that time inside the kachahri when this happen and he informed it, showing that the DIG saying that there was no such incident is not so.

Police ceased the area and cleared it though, but Islamabad is full of threats today on 22nd october 2009. So all the guys watch out and avoid high target areas like military and police areas and stations, shopping malls and gatherings.

2 thoughts on “Firing at Islamabad Kachahri – F-8 (Police Station and courts) [confirmed]”

    1. Oh, so u only see that it happened in Islamabad, and not in Karachi?

      i wish you could see it as, it happened in Pakistan, and you are in Pakistan too . . .

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