Earthquake in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India – 26 october 2015

An earth quake just hit the south asian regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, almost an hour ago.

The epicenter of the earthquake is being reported as 120 miles deep and central in the Badakhshan province of far north Afghanistan, which borders China and Tajikistan.

In Pakistan, the quake was felt from northern areas to the punjab including chitral, swat, sargodha, islamabad, okara, peshawar, lahore, faisalabad, etc.

In India, the earth quake was felt in delhi but no damage was reported as yet.

The quake was initially reported to be of 7.7 magnitude (or some said 8.1), however it’s now being reported to be 7.5 magnitude by US geological survey.

The earthquake caused cracks in buildings and collapsed many buildings, resulting in deaths, whose count is yet to be established in all the countries where it was felt.

Many regions power has been cut including Pakistan and Afghanistan. The tremors were felt for around 45 seconds and people fled their homes and buildings.

Telephone lines are apparently damaged and cut in many regions too.

Much destruction is expected in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Some of the images of earth quake today on 26th october 2015 are as follows, they show cracks in walls yet, if you have any images please share them too.

earth quake afghanistan pakistan india

earth quake pakistan afghanistan india

Did you feel the earth quake too? How strong was it? which region you’re in? Any image of destruction caused?

Police and Media in Shifa International Hospital today 3rd july 2013

Well there was a few police men roaming around here and there for last few weeks in shifa international hospital islamabad, but today they were there is a large number.

Police was covering all the exits of the hospital and also present inside the hospital at different places.

There was alot of media there too. Geo, duniya, samaa and others probably.

Why were they there ? well there’s quite a story going on around which had a climax today so thats why they were there.

The patient was admitted in medical icu in shifa international who was from the bhugti clan or so who died today. They wanted to take the body outside parliment but police is not letting them do so.

Police seems to be ready to cope with any adverse situation there.

There are alot of bhugti clan people present inside shifa international too.

The environment is tensed. Can we expect a clash ???

Lunar Eclipse 15-16 June 2011

The Lunar eclipse has just begun.

There will be full lunar eclipse at around 0100 (Pakistan Standard time)

The moon will remain in the eclipse till almost 4:40 am (16th june 2011) in Pakistan.

It is being reported that tonight, the moon is above the Khana Kaaba (Holy Kaaba), Makkah.

It’s safe to view the lunar eclipse without any eye protection (however, it’s not safe to view Solar eclipse directly)

Peer Saif-ur-Rehman passed away

Mr. Saif-ur-Rehman, peer of silsila saifia has died today. His Namaz-e-Janaza is to be offered today evening. He was critically ill in may when he was admitted to Sheikh Zaid hospital but then he got healthy and resumed his teaching and practice in Lahore.

But today the grand teacher of a chain of million students of tasawf has passed away. He issued the statements about who will be the incharge after him and other necessary terms before closing eyes from this world.

He was a great religious and a spiritual teacher and millions has taken faiz from him. He came to Pakistan from Afghanistan. First he lived in NWFP area and then shifted to Lahore couple of years back.

May his soul rest in peace and Allah bless him with Jannat. Ameen

Cyclone in Arabian sea – near karachi

Well you all know about the cyclone heading towards the coastal areas of Pakistan and other countries. There is great panic and danger of great loss of property as well as lifes . ..

But . . . (i am not saying it’s not an alarming situation) but i know it won’t hit Karachi, Pakistan :) inshaAllah.

Why? no it’s not maybe that just because Pakistan is so called Muslim country or some thing, but i have this reason with me since i was a child, and i hope it won’t hit the coast of Pakistan with the deadly fury as it is right now (although it might cause a bit damage, but not as high as it is being expected to do)

So stay tuned for a couple of days, i’ll let you know what the reason is ;) (inshaAllah if the cyclone passes from here !)

Sahiwal hospital women declared dead found alive after ghusal

Yet another case of lack of professionalism in the hospitals. Recently a lady was declared dead by the hospital staff and doctors gave the body to the relatives.

The body was kept over night considering the women to be dead. But next day when she was given ghusal / bath, she stood up! and was found to be alive!

Now it might seem funny but its really disgusting too. Not only showing lack of professional attitude but also causing so much embarrassment for the family (although happiness for her relatives too!)

The family would have kept the body all that day and night and cried over it. All relatives from various cities or countries even might have arrived for the funeral just to find out that the doctor declaring her dead was not competent enough?

Geo New: Shoaib, Sania while away time with ice cream outing! WTF!

Guys guys! our leading news channel is now giving us “breaking news” that Shaoib Malik and Sania Mirza went out to eat an ice cream? Check the news out:

HYDERABAD: Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik and Indian tennis queen Sania Mirza gone for outing and ate ice cream on Monday evening to release the tension surrounded them due to the controversy of Shoaib’s alleged first marriage to Ayesha Siddiqui.

The two along with Sania’s family went for a drive in the city and enjoyed ice cream in an effort to release the tension that encircled them.

Sania, clearly up set on the controversy, said she would continue supporting Shoaib. She said the marriage will be held as per scheduled.

On the other hand, Shoaib said he was in India not only to marry Sania Mirza, but also to clear his name from the controversy surrounding his alleged first marriage to Ayesha Siddiqui.

Oh come on! is this a so much important and breaking news to be reported like this?

Not only geo, but all leading news channels of the nation are mad after this issue as if this is some war going on between Pakistan and India or some thing similar!

Two people who are about to marry went for an ice cream, whats the big deal? Huh? The so called NEWS channels have become almost totally retard now!

Media, just in an attempt to get ahead of the competitors and give more spicy reports to the viewers is now losing its standards and quality. I think all these news channels now create a “gossip” channel or program specific for this type of news and should not include them in the proper NEWS!

Will Sania Marry Shoaib if Ayesha and Shoaib marriage is proved?

Well, controversies are on their way, some people claim that Ayesha is just a liar and fake character and will go down soon, but some claim that she is telling the truth.

Well, keeping this apart that this is true or not, lets assume that it is proved and if it really is true that Shoaib Malik and Ayesha Siddiqui are husband and wife, then what do you think:

Will Sania Mirza marry Shoaib Malik if Ayesha Sidiqui is proved to be his wife?

Well this is really a complicated questions.Apparently it seems obvious that she will feel cheated and will right away break her relation with Shoaib Malik. But what if she already know that? what if she knows that Shoaib and Ayesha are husband and wife and is part of the game? Then definitely she will not go away ditching Shoabi Malik, but might play a different shot and still marry Shoaib, kicking out Ayesha Sidiqui.

So what’s your opinion on this situation?

Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza and Ayesha Siddiqui

Out of all these upcoming news about Ayesha Siddiqui being the wife of Shoaib Malik who is going to be married to Sania Mirza on 15th of april, its really confusing to find out the real truth if Shoaib and Ayesha are really married.

Ayesha has been giving many haphazard interviews to media like her recent one claiming that she was pregnant after the marriage too and got a miscarriage. Upon questioning she refused to tell the exact time and name of the hospital except for just saying that the gynaecologist name was Dr. Fatime. Now come on! there are hundreds of Doctors in hyderabad city with that name!

I am not claiming that this Ayesha Siddiqui is a complete fake and baseless story, but that’s what it is appearing as.

Can’t they just confirm by NADRA ?

Nadra have all record of the married couples. Now if they claim that they never updated records in NADRA, that’s more than a stupid excuse to make!

Media is always trying to jump into all matters, why don’t they go and trace this Ayesha Sidiqui and find out the reality? Where she lived, where she grew up. Any images along with shoaib. And oh! comeon! the marriage video? Where is it?

And lets assume if it really is true that she is Shoaib’s wife, then why is she doing all this drama? what will she get in the end? a DIVORCE?

Anyway, lets see what this story brings up next! which apparently is just another fake story out there.