More Terrorist Attacks Expected in Pakistan (October 2009)

xin_2920805211627093117976The terrorism wave which started recently is like growing more and more. . . After the painful incidence that happened yesterday, attack on the International Islamic University, God knows for what purpose! there are many more threats to other universities etc for further suicide attacks.

Other than that, there is some news from a source, that around 15 terrorist attacks will be held more in which the cars will be blasted etc and further more blasts in the city of Rawalpindi, shopping centers etc.

So all you guys out there, don’t start jumping around due to the days off from the university, just stick to your home, or atleast don’t go into the crowd! Ya ya, i know, most of you don’t fear death, but fear the loss that your parents will face, if they lose you.

3 thoughts on “More Terrorist Attacks Expected in Pakistan (October 2009)”

  1. YES U R RITE there r lots of stuff revolving by sms then dont recieve any call from unknown number dont pick the mob from road everything has been fixed from bomb dont go there here n lots of here v r very afraid of going every where what happened in our country yar it looks like a war

    1. Well, we are sort of in the war! war not only against the enemies from outside, but our corrupt system people too

      and don’t be scared, we can’t die before its our time! so just live normal life, enjoy it.

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