Will Sania Marry Shoaib if Ayesha and Shoaib marriage is proved?

Well, controversies are on their way, some people claim that Ayesha is just a liar and fake character and will go down soon, but some claim that she is telling the truth.

Well, keeping this apart that this is true or not, lets assume that it is proved and if it really is true that Shoaib Malik and Ayesha Siddiqui are husband and wife, then what do you think:

Will Sania Mirza marry Shoaib Malik if Ayesha Sidiqui is proved to be his wife?

Well this is really a complicated questions.Apparently it seems obvious that she will feel cheated and will right away break her relation with Shoaib Malik. But what if she already know that? what if she knows that Shoaib and Ayesha are husband and wife and is part of the game? Then definitely she will not go away ditching Shoabi Malik, but might play a different shot and still marry Shoaib, kicking out Ayesha Sidiqui.

So what’s your opinion on this situation?

Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza and Ayesha Siddiqui

Out of all these upcoming news about Ayesha Siddiqui being the wife of Shoaib Malik who is going to be married to Sania Mirza on 15th of april, its really confusing to find out the real truth if Shoaib and Ayesha are really married.

Ayesha has been giving many haphazard interviews to media like her recent one claiming that she was pregnant after the marriage too and got a miscarriage. Upon questioning she refused to tell the exact time and name of the hospital except for just saying that the gynaecologist name was Dr. Fatime. Now come on! there are hundreds of Doctors in hyderabad city with that name!

I am not claiming that this Ayesha Siddiqui is a complete fake and baseless story, but that’s what it is appearing as.

Can’t they just confirm by NADRA ?

Nadra have all record of the married couples. Now if they claim that they never updated records in NADRA, that’s more than a stupid excuse to make!

Media is always trying to jump into all matters, why don’t they go and trace this Ayesha Sidiqui and find out the reality? Where she lived, where she grew up. Any images along with shoaib. And oh! comeon! the marriage video? Where is it?

And lets assume if it really is true that she is Shoaib’s wife, then why is she doing all this drama? what will she get in the end? a DIVORCE?

Anyway, lets see what this story brings up next! which apparently is just another fake story out there.

Wasim Akram’s Wife Huma died in hospital in Chennai, India on Sunday 25th October 2009

Huma, the wife of former Pakistan Cricket team captian Wasim Akram died in a hospital in Chennai, India on Sunday 25th of October 2009 due to multi organ failure (heart and kidney).

wasim akram wife huma died 25 october 2009She was admitted to Apollo Hospital in Chennai, India last Tuesday after her condition deteriorated on board an air ambulance flying from Lahore to Singapore where she was due to be treated.

Arrangements are underway to bring her body back to Pakistan.

She had left two children behind her . . .

Ijaz Butt, the PCB chairman also expressed his grief over her death and said that we are with Wasim Akram and his family at the time of grief and pain and pray that God give them strength to bear this irreparable loss.

Huma was herself a trained medical pratitioner and had a brief stint as psychologist for the Pakistan Cricket team in the mid 1990’s.

May Allah bless her soul and give patience to her family and friends.

Football session in Pakistan Railway Hospital (iimct/prh)

100353_football2Well, honestly, i am not a very big fan of football (yet) but i still like to learn and play it though! The students in the iimc (railway hospital mainly – 4th and final year mbbs) have a football session almost every day after the first two lectures in the small ground in front of the small hospital building.

Initially both 4th year and final year play side by side, dividing the already small ground into two parts, later on the fourth year goes to their wards, and the final year(who don’t care about wards much) keep on playing!

Well its hard to name the teams, coz every day the guys shift in the teams, but i am working on to get the teams named some how, like left team and right team, depending upon the location of their goals.

The match is fun, sort of though, but that big tree is a big irritation and hinderence in the game.

Umm.. what else … nothing for now! stay tuned to get more updates on the football field of IIMCT/PRH – Islamic international medical college / Pakistan Railway Hospital.

Afridi kissing shoaib in the match

Afridi was filmed kissing shoaib in the match live on geo tv. Rumor are saying it to catch him doing that.

In your opinion, can’t it be just a emotional expression of excitement, instead of being caught doing some thing or proving him to be gay or so!

Have a look at the picture, you can clearly see that afridi is kissing him, but you can also see that shoaib and him were happy afther dhoni wicket, and he just kissed him for fun or maybe excitement! and in my own opinion, it was just expression of excitement! :) Have a look at the image and the video below:


And now check out the youtube video of shoaib being kissed by afridi from a different angle:

Well.. check it out your serlf and decide what it was! Hope to hear your views via comments!