Earthquake in Lahore 20 march 2014

Just had jolts of earthquake in lahore, Pakistan. (Many reports are from the lahore cantt about earthquake)

The jolts weren’t much scary but haven’t experienced the zalzala here for quite a while! so it was bit strange!

The earthquake lasted for around 4 seconds or so.

Will update more if there’s anything interesting! stay tuned!

Update 1 :

according to some people, the jolts were “scary” and “uninteresting”

the magnitude of the earthquake in lahore today appears to be around 5 (unofficial)

When I repelled first time – an awesome experience

Please don’t ask me what repelling is! um.. well ok those who don’t know about it, it’s an act of coming down from a rope, jumping and pushing along the wall or hill/rock (you might have seen it in movies and commando stuff)

When I first repelled, it was scary! not because I was scared of height, but because it involves another person who is holding the rope (your string of life) and unless you have held that rope for someone else, you’re always scared that other person might do something wrong and you might free fall down to the “Grave”.

Well when the first time I repelled on our adventure training camp, it was awesome! heart beating fast, asking the helper guy again and again to keep his focus! tied the gadgets for repelling and jumped off! pushed, pushed and all the way down… sounds simple right? it wasn’t . . . it took my breath away! literally!

And when you keep practicing, you get more and more skilled and jumps / pushes get longer and longer, and the moment of (almost) free fall becomes more rocking!

Cyclone in Arabian sea – near karachi

Well you all know about the cyclone heading towards the coastal areas of Pakistan and other countries. There is great panic and danger of great loss of property as well as lifes . ..

But . . . (i am not saying it’s not an alarming situation) but i know it won’t hit Karachi, Pakistan :) inshaAllah.

Why? no it’s not maybe that just because Pakistan is so called Muslim country or some thing, but i have this reason with me since i was a child, and i hope it won’t hit the coast of Pakistan with the deadly fury as it is right now (although it might cause a bit damage, but not as high as it is being expected to do)

So stay tuned for a couple of days, i’ll let you know what the reason is ;) (inshaAllah if the cyclone passes from here !)

My iPhone is turned on now! Finally!

After many days of no iPhone today my iPhone turned on! Hold on! no it wasn’t by magic! i replaced my broken charger actually. So new charger amazingly works perfectly! :p and so now the cell is charged and turned on. Phew!

But feels like don’t have reason to keep it on anyway! (sort of) coz don’t have any messages waiting for me, or any call trying to reach me . . . Anyway. . . Probably i might forget to recharge it now more often and it may remain off! don’t know!

Lot’s has been going around in the World, so is in my life too. . . A new thing every second day, a new lesson, a new stroke . . . and life goes on . . .

Is it Impossible to be Webdevelop & Programmer, Doctor and Ninja at once? Really?

Just had a chat with some one from Canada, it was quite funny though :) ! check it out:

doctor: asl?
ron_obri: 19 m here
ron_obri: w bu
doctor: m
doctor: u from
ron_obri: canada
ron_obri: winnipeg
ron_obri: where ru from
doctor: pak
ron_obri: ?
doctor: wht u do?
ron_obri: wat u do /
ron_obri: tell me first
doctor: i m webdeveloper
doctor: and programmer
doctor: and provide domain and hosting
doctor: u?
ron_obri: okay sounds
ron_obri: liike
ron_obri: boring
doctor: k
ron_obri: any way i m in red river college
doctor: wht u do?
ron_obri: and part time jobber too
doctor: jobber?
ron_obri: r uf from pakistan
doctor: wht is jobber?
doctor: ya i m from pak
ron_obri: i mean i do part time job to
doctor: whts ur job
doctor: ?
ron_obri: i take comission from cars
ron_obri: basically i help ma bro in cars
ron_obri: dats it
ron_obri: pretty easy
doctor: ok
ron_obri: r u married
doctor: no
ron_obri: hmm then gf
doctor: ya
ron_obri: okay
ron_obri: how many’
doctor: ummmmm
doctor: 1 in each city
ron_obri: good one
ron_obri: dat mean u dont have any gf
ron_obri: rt
ron_obri: .
ron_obri: why u add doctor in ur id
ron_obri: okay m,an
doctor: hm
doctor: coz
doctor: i am doctor too
doctor: i am final yr mbbs student
ron_obri: oh really
doctor: ya
ron_obri: its not possible
doctor: well
doctor: it is
ron_obri: okie g2g2
doctor: its not us
ron_obri: buddy have fun take it easy
doctor: we people r hard working here
ron_obri: good bye
ron_obri: and pece
ron_obri: i dont think so
doctor: hehe
ron_obri: bye the way
doctor: ya i know
doctor: u cant think so
doctor: thts why u said impossible
ron_obri: hmm
doctor: coz u cant even think so too
doctor: its ok
ron_obri: okay agreed
doctor: tc
doctor: bye
ron_obri: byue
ron_obri: bye
doctor: btw
doctor: i am ninja instructor too
doctor: if it dnt sound boring too
ron_obri: u know wat u r talin with
ron_obri: ur president
ron_obri: former
doctor: dude
doctor: see me :
ron_obri: now i m scientist in nasa
doctor: u will get info about me there
doctor: bye
ron_obri: later on i wil make 200 million last year
ron_obri: get ur ass upo now its
ron_obri: too mch
ron_obri: dont give me fluke
ron_obri: byeeeeeeee
doctor: lol
doctor: its not ur fault
doctor: u guys cant think of this too na
ron_obri: cu lkater buddy
doctor: just bookmark my page
doctor: u can reach me from there
doctor: and info
ron_obri: dont bother me
doctor: lol
ron_obri: u guys always talk talk and talk good bye
ron_obri is typing…
ron_obri: have fun
doctor: haha
doctor: kid
doctor: grow up
doctor: and try to live in some better country
doctor: where people dnt take hard things as impossible
doctor: anyway, i apologize if i annoyed u buddy, sorry ok, but i didnt lie abt myself , doesnt matter if u believe or not
doctor: tc, bye, Allah Hafiz

Why Head Of Schools Treat Teachers Badly

Teachers are very important members of building social values and ethics. They should be honored respectfully by all people around them; from students to colleagues to administration of school. But unfortunately, importance of teachers is decreasing day by day. They have been humiliated and detered for many reasons, which are useless and don’t matter in this profession. And all credit goes to head of schools, who are the first ones to dishonor the gratitude and respect of a teacher, who deliberately wants to give hi/ her utmost services.

In every relgion,  a teacher has been bestowed with special blessings by the God. Reason is, he/she is the one who develops positive attitude in child’s mind. Students always come to the teacher with empty minds and these are teachers, who put their hard effort to insert valuable and informative things inside their student’s brain so that good outcome can be generated through society. If students’ minds are matured then whole nation becomes one of the best nations of the world.

But heads of every school don’t bother to keep up the individuality of a teacher. They just want from him/her to work like a machine. Heads want everything perfect from teachers and in return, they don’t even praise their efforts openly. How can a teacher increase his/her moral level up, when heads of departments are giving favors to those, who behave like their tails?In every institution, it has been assesed that favorites are always win the battlefield and get the promotions more than those who are deserving and give much more than being a teacher.

A sincere teacher gives his/her heart and soul to the school by keeping this in mind that heads will offer him/her better opertunities but failed to get them. Due to this, turnover rate in most of the schools is high and teachers want to switch over that institution, where they can have job security as well as respect and affection by the heads.

I don’t know whats the matter with heads? Why they show their rude behavior most of the time. You should point out the mistakes of the teachers but instead of hitting their heads, you should guide and direct them towards those methods, which can be helpful to make teaching techniques better. This is the way a good relationship between a teacher and head can go on. I wish, heads can be able to understand the feelings of teachers and they can give humanly respect to  them because people cannot get educated and sensible without the help of an efficient and honest teacher.

When Your Children Say, You Don’t Care About Them……

It becomes a universal truth that today’s breed is much more sensible and possessive than our ancestors and us. We can get an idea very well that in the past, when our parents said anything harsh to us, we didn’t say a single word to them. Even, we don’t bother, if they express their anger and intense level of anxiety towards our mistakes. But today’s children don’t want to listen to anything harsh because they have become more touchy and possessive than us.

They need extra care, love and affection because today’s parents are becoming careless day by day. Reasons are many in which busy job schedules are on top of list. You ignore your child because you have to attend the meetings, you have to attend the clients and you have to solve several organizational and office issues.

What if you are unable to solve the issues of your children with you and they would say that you don’t care about them? Yes, this situation is going to be common these days, where children need special closesness of their parents but they are so busy in their activties that they are unable to give proper time to the children. This ignorance leads to face stark difficulties, when your child stands on one end and you stand on other different end and in the middle, river of hurdles, tensions and anxiety are flowing with rush.

In order to get the attention of your children, you have to take out one portion of time from your tough job schedule for your child and should ask about what he/she wants and desires for. Children want your precious presence and maybe, they are waiting for to have one positive step by you. Being a parent, you should know the fact that you are nothing without your family. Your effort, income, earning, big empire will lose its importance very soon, if your children will not be happy with you  to whom, you are putting lots of struggle in your life.

Be a good parent and in return, you will obtain peaceful life in which  you will get fruitful results too. You cannot play with the emotion, feelings and love of your children because they wish for having your great affection. Ignorance and your absent behavior turn positive atmosphere of your house into bad one and due to which, your children are influenced by bad things like drugs, alcohol etc.

You can stop their life from ruining by giving your one big smile before going to office. You can make your child happy, if you will give them one or two calls whole day from office. He/she will love you alot, when after office, you will firstly go to him/her to greet and give a kiss. All these things matter alot for your child so step ahead to make your house heaven.

Your child remains alone because nobody is there to give him/her a nice company and soon, he/she forcebly starts doing bad acts because there is no body to help and to figure him/her out. Reasons are either parents are seperated, going to be divorced or are busy in their jobs. This type of ignorance force your child to think negative about you, and soon your house becomes a strange place to live where nobody is there for anybody. Think about it.

My Moneybookers Account got blocked/closed today (said security issue)

I got an email from moenybookers security team stating that my moneybookers account has been closed/blocked due to some security concerns. The mail was from [email protected]

What did i do recently? i tried adding a new debit visa card with my account, and while trying that i got an error, i contacted them with the details of the error and how can i fix it, and in response they found the best way to fix it to close my account :D

Anyway . . i had almost 65 pounds in my moneybookers account (i might had 2500$ which were to come from a client in near future, i am glad he delayed the payment :))

So what now? i have contacted them, after searching on google about the experiences of other people who had similar situation in past, and like them, i am waiting for their response. I called them and no one answered me except for the machine saying that all operators are busy at the moment. Dude! get more operators if they are always so busy! :@

The issue is not just those 65 pounds in it, but that if i will open a new account they will block it too due to some stupid reason of theirs!

This is what it says to me when i try to login to moneybookers:

Your account has been closed for security reasons. You should have received confirmation of this via email from our Security Department. Please note that this decision is now final and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Argggghhhhh . . . . . . You can check the mail they sent to me:

From: <[email protected]>

Dear Muhammad Nabeel Khan,

Following an audit of your account by our security department, we must advise that your account has been closed.  Based on your transaction history, we have reasonable grounds to discontinue our business relationship.

For more information please visit our Terms and Conditions.

Moneybookers have the right to recover from you any costs or losses incurred as a direct or indirect result of this breach of our terms and conditions up to the value of 150 Euros – article 11.6.

Please IMMEDIATELY also remove any references to from your website.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kind Regards,

Moneybookers Security

Moneybookers Ltd., London, Registered in England and Wales no 4260907. Registered office: Welken House, 10-11 Charterhouse Square, London, EC1M 6EH, United Kingdom. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom (FSA).

This email message is confidential and may contain legally privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient you should not read, copy, distribute, disclose or otherwise use the information in this email. Please also telephone (+44 870 3830232) or fax (+44 870 922 3274) us immediately and delete the message from your system. Email may be susceptible to data corruption, interception and unauthorised amendment, and we do not accept liability for any such corruption, interception or amendment or the consequences thereof or your reliance on any information contained therein if you are not the intended recipient.

Anyway i don’t see any thing confidential in this mail, other than their stupidity :s

Btw, its famous that the asian id’s get banned by moneybookers usually! so here you go! another guy from Pakistan got banned due to some security reasons! I might upload a bomb or suicide jacket to their servers from my computer maybe :s SECURITY REASONS! :@

Your account has been closed for security reasons. You should have received confirmation of this via email from our Security Department. Please note that this decision is now final and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Winter Celebrations In Kindergarten

In schools, winters always get much importance. Lots of activities are being conducted by the teachers in order to celeberate this season in a good way. To create positive environment, teachers organize a winter festival in the school so that children could be able to know that what are the feasts of this season and how to say welcome to cold season?

Children never wish for attending the school in this season due to which they often get absent. They begin to get lazy and slow like a turtle, which should be overcome by the teachers as quickly as possible. Give information about fruit and vegetable which are available in winters. For example, orange is the common fruit, availble in this season so  you should conduct activities related to it.

For playgroup class, finger printing is the most exciting thing. Get orange printables on loose sheets and let children do finger printing with an orange color. You can also celebrate orange juice day in which you can ask each child to bring his/her orange so that they can be able to extract the juice by themeselves.

When you organize Winter festival, one of the most important thing you should do is to ask children about bringing dry fruit from their home. Go outside in playground and eat dryfruit with your children by giving information about each and every thing. Your children should know that which dry fruit, they are going to eat. By arranging these types of activties, your Kindergarten children would be able to know that why there is a need to celebrate winters and how many things are belonged to this season.