Pakistan Map Flag image

14th August is just a week and few days ahead! so hopefully many people would be in search of a Pakistani Flag map image to use it as their avatar on various websites like facebook or orkut.

I have designed a image myself (as i wasn’t able to find similar one on google). The difference b/w this one and the other’s is the presence of Kashmir in the map. Below are those images:

1. Pakistani Map + Flag (with kashmir) i created (click on image for bigger image):

pakistani map flag image with kashmir

2. Pakistani Map + Flag (without kashmir) not to be used (click on image for bigger image):

1. Image that i used to create the first one (click on image for bigger image):

Hopefully you would like the image created by me.

My iPhone is turned on now! Finally!

After many days of no iPhone today my iPhone turned on! Hold on! no it wasn’t by magic! i replaced my broken charger actually. So new charger amazingly works perfectly! :p and so now the cell is charged and turned on. Phew!

But feels like don’t have reason to keep it on anyway! (sort of) coz don’t have any messages waiting for me, or any call trying to reach me . . . Anyway. . . Probably i might forget to recharge it now more often and it may remain off! don’t know!

Lot’s has been going around in the World, so is in my life too. . . A new thing every second day, a new lesson, a new stroke . . . and life goes on . . .

Is it Impossible to be Webdevelop & Programmer, Doctor and Ninja at once? Really?

Just had a chat with some one from Canada, it was quite funny though :) ! check it out:

doctor: asl?
ron_obri: 19 m here
ron_obri: w bu
doctor: m
doctor: u from
ron_obri: canada
ron_obri: winnipeg
ron_obri: where ru from
doctor: pak
ron_obri: ?
doctor: wht u do?
ron_obri: wat u do /
ron_obri: tell me first
doctor: i m webdeveloper
doctor: and programmer
doctor: and provide domain and hosting
doctor: u?
ron_obri: okay sounds
ron_obri: liike
ron_obri: boring
doctor: k
ron_obri: any way i m in red river college
doctor: wht u do?
ron_obri: and part time jobber too
doctor: jobber?
ron_obri: r uf from pakistan
doctor: wht is jobber?
doctor: ya i m from pak
ron_obri: i mean i do part time job to
doctor: whts ur job
doctor: ?
ron_obri: i take comission from cars
ron_obri: basically i help ma bro in cars
ron_obri: dats it
ron_obri: pretty easy
doctor: ok
ron_obri: r u married
doctor: no
ron_obri: hmm then gf
doctor: ya
ron_obri: okay
ron_obri: how many’
doctor: ummmmm
doctor: 1 in each city
ron_obri: good one
ron_obri: dat mean u dont have any gf
ron_obri: rt
ron_obri: .
ron_obri: why u add doctor in ur id
ron_obri: okay m,an
doctor: hm
doctor: coz
doctor: i am doctor too
doctor: i am final yr mbbs student
ron_obri: oh really
doctor: ya
ron_obri: its not possible
doctor: well
doctor: it is
ron_obri: okie g2g2
doctor: its not us
ron_obri: buddy have fun take it easy
doctor: we people r hard working here
ron_obri: good bye
ron_obri: and pece
ron_obri: i dont think so
doctor: hehe
ron_obri: bye the way
doctor: ya i know
doctor: u cant think so
doctor: thts why u said impossible
ron_obri: hmm
doctor: coz u cant even think so too
doctor: its ok
ron_obri: okay agreed
doctor: tc
doctor: bye
ron_obri: byue
ron_obri: bye
doctor: btw
doctor: i am ninja instructor too
doctor: if it dnt sound boring too
ron_obri: u know wat u r talin with
ron_obri: ur president
ron_obri: former
doctor: dude
doctor: see me :
ron_obri: now i m scientist in nasa
doctor: u will get info about me there
doctor: bye
ron_obri: later on i wil make 200 million last year
ron_obri: get ur ass upo now its
ron_obri: too mch
ron_obri: dont give me fluke
ron_obri: byeeeeeeee
doctor: lol
doctor: its not ur fault
doctor: u guys cant think of this too na
ron_obri: cu lkater buddy
doctor: just bookmark my page
doctor: u can reach me from there
doctor: and info
ron_obri: dont bother me
doctor: lol
ron_obri: u guys always talk talk and talk good bye
ron_obri is typing…
ron_obri: have fun
doctor: haha
doctor: kid
doctor: grow up
doctor: and try to live in some better country
doctor: where people dnt take hard things as impossible
doctor: anyway, i apologize if i annoyed u buddy, sorry ok, but i didnt lie abt myself , doesnt matter if u believe or not
doctor: tc, bye, Allah Hafiz

My Sleeping Pattern Seriously disturbed! :s

Along with trying many other things almost every day in my life, one of the things to take care of is sleep cycle! and believe me it seriously needs some changes to it! I literally feel like owl some times being awake all night and sleeping in the day.

Well some times its a blessing because there are less noises and interference at night including that the dog in the neighbors house usually remains silent at that time! :D a real blessing! (ya i was thinking of complaining against them! dog barking all the time at day!)

But this strange routine leads to many problems too, for example i had to goto the university tomorrow for some tasks! and obviously i won’t be going now! damn! delayed one more day!

Not only this, but many people don’t like me having disturbed sleep timing. Including my mom and my friends. Any how! i keep on trying to bring my cycle back to normal . . . early to bed, early to rise . . . but i can only manage “early to bed” because i sleep when its early in the morning :D

I hope once i become a doctor (soon) my sleeping pattern will disturb more :D :p atleast once I am in house job! :( (if i pass ofcourse!)

Passed 2 Subjects, Failed in Other 2 – My Final year mbbs Annual result announced

On last friday, our institute, Islamic International Medical College (Riphah International University) announced the result for final year mbbs annual examination 2010 and luckily i passed 2 subjects in it out of total 4 :)

Many or almost all my friends have passed the exam with the topper being a girl, and the second position acquired by Omer Fraz.

The result was satisfactory, but anyway they delayed the result too much which gave an idea that maybe they are thinking of passing all students in all subjects, but they didn’t. . . Well at least i thought so!

So congratz to those who passed, and for those who failed, i’ll advice them to learn what examiner wants them to know :)

I will expect my seniors to help us all in supply exams! :)

Supply exam is expected to be held after three weeks.

Surgery Sendup Cancelled by Iqbal Khan! (iimct/rgh)

Ugh! why the hell do they advertise the sendup so much when they don’t stick to their plans themself!  I skipped my camping for this stupid surgery sendup to prepare for this and ofcourse to appear in the sendup being held on 30th of december 2009 in the railway hospital campus of islamic international medical college, but on 26th, this dude, Iqbal khan, professor of surgery, cancelled the sendup! I feel like going to him and yelling at him that now you should take it! this is  .. .

Anyway! i was bit happy that now my surgery will be prepared till 30th of this month, but alas! now i will be studying right at the time of prof! hmm… i think i should join the camp from tomorrow. .  lets see..

Btw, do pray for me (who ever reads this!) if not me, then do pray for the patients that i’ll be treating just after a few months :p

Harold Ellis! ugh! – Starting surgery preparation!

I wish i would have planned of starting earlier! :( and completed bailey (no no! not four times like atif and wasiq! just once . . .) but alas! anyway . . . starting harold Ellis today! been trying for last 2 days though! hopefully will succeed today! :)

Dunno if i’ll be able to finish it up till 30th december, gonna have the final year surgery sendup in Islamic internaitonal medical college/ pakistan railway hospital (iimc/prh). Well i know i’m gonna pass anyway :P but wanna pass on my own this time! :D Btw, sameer said that its not compulsoryto appear in and pass the sendup . . . hmm . . .anyway . .do pray for me, if not me, then pray for those patients who i will be dealing with in near future :D

Started Boxing and Gym in (Ramadan) September 2009

With the start of Ramadan and September of this year (2009) i decided to join the gym and start boxing classes in our club too! I was planning for this from long! infact very long! in years! so atlast i pushed myself to leave all other things that were hindering me in doing them, and just start them!

The coach of boxing is an Irani, above 40 year age guy, not very tall! He makes special sound when he is punching, by blowing the air from his mouth, like putting off candles. . .

In the gym, well, i took my cousin Abdurrab with me, he also goes with me to the boxing now. We both started this together, below are some pics of me at the start of boxing and gym this month. I’ll paste new pics after some interval to see the change it bring.