Earthquake felt in Pakistan on 18/9/2010 (Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Nowshera, Gilgit, Swat, Muzzafarabad, Peshawar, North Waziristan, Malakand Agency)

Just had an impulse of earthquake in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan today on 18th september, 2010 at almost 12:20 am Pakistan Standard Time supposed intensity of 6.3 (personal opinion).

The quake was not very high intensity in my perception, but according to my mother and a friend who felt it to be too high. I was talking to my friend on msn about some posts and also making post on my other blog about some facebook ip restricted issue.

The earthquake lasted for almost 30 seconds to 1 minute but with the wave intensity decreasing gradually.

I wonder what does our creator want to tell and warn us about by giving such a lovely merciful shower today, and then a warning sign just after it.

I hope there is no damage in any other city and region in Pakistan which just reflected mild impulse here in Islamabad and Rawalpindi!

May Allah have mercy on us!


Geo news reported that the jolts and tremors of the earthquake were felt in Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Nowshera, Gilgit, Swat, Muzzafarabad, Peshawar, North Waziristan, Malakand Agency and many more.

Kitna badal gaya insaan – Geo Mr Jeem – with lyrics

[Video at the end of the lyrics]

This is the wonderful song (although copied from the 1954 movie song nastik of India, which was made on the miseries and widespread problems after the partition of the Golden Sparrow.

What are we waiting for? for last 60+ years. Aren’t we tired now? a bunch of some rich people manipulate us and ruin everyone’s life and we can’t even do anything about it. We just aid them by . . . anyway . . don’t need to justify or explain anything, we all know what we are and what we do.

We deserve this maybe . . . May Allah forgive us now! and fix all this mess for us. Ameen.

Lyrics of Kitna Badal Gaya Insaan – Geo Mr Jeem

Quaid ne tou dia nhi tha aisa Pakistan – Kitna badal gya insaan
suraj na badla, chand na badla, na badla re aasmaan, – kitna badal gya insaan

Kaisa waqt yeh aaya bhai – aapas mai hai maar kutai
choori ghapla aor burai – pyar ke badlay khoob krai
rishwat ke bazaar mai apna, baich rha emaan – kitna badal gya insaan

quaid ne tou dia nhi tha, aisa Pakistan – kitna badal gaya insaan

pehlay thay kirdar ke pakkay – aaj faqt hai mauqa parasti
pehlay thay guftar ke pakkay – aaj hoi har bat hai shaki
kisi ke behkaway mai na aa, hosh mai aa nadaan – kitna badal gaya insaan

quaid ne tou dia nhi tha aisa Pakistan – kitna badal gaya insaan

sher bahadur, rab ke banday – kal thay mujahid, aaj hain andhay
phailay har gaam ne phanday – daikh liay sab inkay dhanday
apnay watan ki azmat, apni hasti ko pehchaan – kitna badal gaya insaan

quaid ne tou dia nhi tha aisa Pakistan – kitna badal gaya insaan

rahbar ham ne thay woh paay – har mushkil mai aaray aay
aaj hai naya beech bhanwar mai – koi nhi jo paar lgay
yaad nhi rakhay kia hum nay quaid ke farmaan – kitna badal gaya insaan

suraj na badla, chand na badla, na badla aasman – kitna badal gya insaan

kina badal gya insaan – kitna badal gaya insaan!

Pakistan Map Flag image

14th August is just a week and few days ahead! so hopefully many people would be in search of a Pakistani Flag map image to use it as their avatar on various websites like facebook or orkut.

I have designed a image myself (as i wasn’t able to find similar one on google). The difference b/w this one and the other’s is the presence of Kashmir in the map. Below are those images:

1. Pakistani Map + Flag (with kashmir) i created (click on image for bigger image):

pakistani map flag image with kashmir

2. Pakistani Map + Flag (without kashmir) not to be used (click on image for bigger image):

1. Image that i used to create the first one (click on image for bigger image):

Hopefully you would like the image created by me.

Airblue plane crashed in Islamabad – 28-july, 2010

Today morning, at almost 7:50 am a plane carrying passengers from Karachi to Islamabad today, on 28th of july 2010, crashed in the margalla hills, Islamabad, Pakistan. The private plane of Air Blue was carrying over 150 passengers along with 6 crew members.

The weather, which was being considered beautiful in Islamabad, proved to be fatal. No one could tell that such beautiful hills carry the power to kill so many people in just a flash! See the image taken from my cell below:

The plane was also carrying five members of the same family and a newly married couple too.

May Allah forgive all the people who died in this incident.

Rahat Cold Coffee – Islamabad, Pakistan

Well i just had this awesome treat! the cold coffee from rahat / safilo (karachi company, islamabad branch in Pakistan) so just a thought came in my mind to share it with you guys out there :D

Here i have uploaded some pictures of the safilo cup with various angles! Man btw, this was the cold coffee! (ya it’s summer here!) and it was nice to have it in FEVER (yups… em ill :( do pray for me) I had a couple of other juices and shakes too :p but lets stick to the rahat / safilo cold coffee :) Here are the pics from my iPhone:

safilo / rahat cold coffee, islamabad, pakistan

Yeah i know! the safilo cold coffee has already been attacked upon! :p Man! did you see the froth?

safilo / rahat cold coffee, islamabad, pakistanrahat / safilo milk shake / cold coffee, islamabad, pakistan

And then it got empty :’-C

safilo / rahat cold coffee, islamabad, pakistan - paper cup

Yummy! :D

Fire in F-9 park, Islamabad, Pakistan on 9th december 2009

fireToday while i was in the F-9 Park (Fatima Jinnah Park), Islamabad, Pakistan on 9th of december 2009, the fire erupted in the the ground which was along the plant fence and it picked up the fire due to some unknown reason. There were fire brigades on the spot soon but the fire was so huge that it went on till now (more than an hour now).

There were no injury to anyone in the Fatima Jinnah Park, Islamabad apparently though! but it was scary to see huge fire in so large area in the biggest park in Islamabad, Pakistan where many people come every evening for walk and other activities.

Terrorist Attack (blasts and firing) at Prade Lane Mosque (near Qasim Market / Westridge) Rawalpindi, Pakistan on 4th december 2009

Today a shameful act occurred in Rawalpindi, Pakistan today (4th December, 2009). According to updates, almost seven to eight people who entered the mosque and threw almost three hand grenades in the mosque and then started open fire killing and injuring many at the spot.

Blast_5417The mosque was small which can accommodate almost 70-80 people for prayers but for Jumma prayers people also get accommodated outside the mosque, making the number of people offering prayers to be almost 200. Most of the people coming here for prayers are local of the area which includes various officials and retired Army personals.  The mosque doesn’t have its own name as such and is called Prade Lane mosque due to its location being near to Prade Lane.

The mosque is situation near the Qasim Market, (bit away from chor chowk) Rawalpindi. This area is near the Westridge area.

Almost 20-30 people got injured in the firing according to the news updates till now but this figure could rise more.

The exact number of people dead is not yet known but the figure is said confirm 2 deaths.

EDIT: Rehman Malik said 30 deaths. Ispr Confirmed 14 deaths including children.

The terrorists attacking and firing in the mosque are said to have LMG and various weapons and bags. Situation similar to the GHQ, rawalpindi attack.

So who could be behind this attack? American direct agencies in Pakistan, like Black Water etc or what ever their names are? or American Indirect agencies in Pakistan Like Taliban etc? Or maybe any other country can be involved in this. . . But the loss is great. . . It’s a shame to see how they attacked on the mosque on people who were there just offering prayers.

Suicide Bomb Blast in Naval Complex, E-8, Islamabad, Pakistan on 2nd December 2009

Today there was suicide bomb blast at the entrance of Naval Complex, E-8, Islamabad, Pakistan at noon on 2nd December 2009.

The suicide bomber was dropped by some vehicle near the naval complex entrance from where he started moving on foot to pass the naval complex entrance. Upon suspicion, he was stopped for interrogation but he probably didn’t knew the language so was not able to answer. Upon no progress through interrogation, the navy personnel went near him to investigate him, on which he blew himself.

The soldier who went to investigate him died at the spot and many others got injured including a 6 year old student of Bahria College.

The event was caught on the camera at the entrance and the investigation is now going on.

The students of the college were not allowed to come out of the main entrance until the situation was under control, however the shaheen complex gate was open.

This is really a sad event and really upsetting :(

b I have been student of Bahria College E-8 too.

TCS (insecure courier) fraud – tampering and removal of items / money from the package caught

Today i received a TCS courier parcel which was tampered and the seal seemed to be opened and reclosed . . . Asked the delivery guy to stop and called the person who sent me the parcel to know what exactly was in the parcel and how tcs insecure courieras it send, and it came to the notice that the parcel was really opened and then reclosed by the tcs staff druing the delivery procedure and some stuff was removed from it too! This is really a very bad impression from the TCS staff! Can you imagine your confidential documents or any other parcels being opened and your personal stuff being removed from it ??? WTF! I was really shocked to know that TCS tampers with your parcels and not only this, they remove the enclosed stuff and documents out of your parcels! without any notification on the parcel or of any sort! and also, those removed items are not returned to the sender, rather they are kept with them, for their personal use.

Upon some investigation and banging of the head in the TCS courier system offices, it came out that the parcel was opened and items removed at the senders area TCS office.

I don’t think that i will be able to trust TCS anymore and will never recommend anyone to send any confidential data/money via tcs ever! They might remove your items and/or money added in the parcel and simply refuse that it was there altogether! or maybe you don’t even notice or enquire the party regarding the contents of the parcel sent!

So just be careful when you chose TCS (or others, who knows!) not only in Islamabad, Pakistan, but also in other cities and countries! This is really a shameful act from such a renown company! and it’s no more secure to use it for personal and important stuff including money!