Harold Ellis! ugh! – Starting surgery preparation!

I wish i would have planned of starting earlier! :( and completed bailey (no no! not four times like atif and wasiq! just once . . .) but alas! anyway . . . starting harold Ellis today! been trying for last 2 days though! hopefully will succeed today! :)

Dunno if i’ll be able to finish it up till 30th december, gonna have the final year surgery sendup in Islamic internaitonal medical college/ pakistan railway hospital (iimc/prh). Well i know i’m gonna pass anyway :P but wanna pass on my own this time! :D Btw, sameer said that its not compulsoryto appear in and pass the sendup . . . hmm . . .anyway . .do pray for me, if not me, then pray for those patients who i will be dealing with in near future :D

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