Newspapers not allowed in Islamic International Medical College / Pakistan Railway Hospital (IIMCT/PRH) Library

newspaperThe Islamic International Medical College / Pakistan Railway Hospital (IIMCT/PRH) has banned newspapers in the hospital(campus) library. Dr Umar, the administrator of the library has banned the newspapers from being kept in the library for some unknown reasons. I will update this article as soon as i get more info about it though.

There are many rumors as to why they banned the newspapers in the Islamic International Medical College / Pakistan Railway Hospital (IIMCT/PRH) based on their on going mentality and image/impression on the students and staff of the institute. Including but not limited to:

  • they want to try to keep the recent situation of the panic in the country from the students, don’t know for what reason and how do they think that people only get news from the college library
  • because the newspapers and magazines have models and females pictures so this is stritctly out of college policy, as even female pictures in the anatomy books are ripped/crossed off in their custom versions by the institute.
  • they want to reduce the noise in the library, don’t you think, there is more silence when people are busy in reading, newspapers / magazines, instead of when they don’t have anything to read!

In short, the administrator of the campus has taken a weired step for some reason which is not clear yet. God bless great Islamic International Medical College / Pakistan Railway Hospital (IIMCT/PRH).

Football session in Pakistan Railway Hospital (iimct/prh)

100353_football2Well, honestly, i am not a very big fan of football (yet) but i still like to learn and play it though! The students in the iimc (railway hospital mainly – 4th and final year mbbs) have a football session almost every day after the first two lectures in the small ground in front of the small hospital building.

Initially both 4th year and final year play side by side, dividing the already small ground into two parts, later on the fourth year goes to their wards, and the final year(who don’t care about wards much) keep on playing!

Well its hard to name the teams, coz every day the guys shift in the teams, but i am working on to get the teams named some how, like left team and right team, depending upon the location of their goals.

The match is fun, sort of though, but that big tree is a big irritation and hinderence in the game.

Umm.. what else … nothing for now! stay tuned to get more updates on the football field of IIMCT/PRH – Islamic international medical college / Pakistan Railway Hospital.

My first day at Islamic Ineternational medical college / Riphah International University – Rawalpindi, Pakistan

In the early days of January 2005, our session began. The first day, went inside the college, happily! but no reception! no one to guide, went to the notice board to find out if there is any info, well found out some lecture hall 3 to be a place for us to sit!

Once seated there, we had orientation classes. They were to be for 1 month. Well, to be honest! we were shocked when we found out a person, who we considered in the admission test day, to be some peon! –  he was the head of department! of one subject! and others were not very graceful too! all messed up and highly non professional attitude.

You know what were the first 1 month classes were about? its here:

  • we were not taught any medical subjects for 1 month, or any intro to them , or not any proper intro to them
  • we were taught that how bad we are
  • how bad non-muslims are
  • how nalaiq and a burdon on our parents we are that we didn’t got admission in goverment sector medical colleges and got admission in private one
  • we were taught that we are now stuck in hell
  • that if they see any girl without the head scarf, they will blow her head
  • if any boy is seen without uniform, he will get in trouble
  • if any boy and girl are seen talking to each other, ever, they will get failed in exams (and yes, they did fail them too , please note, that boys and girls study in same class rooms, same area, same labs, same library, etc)
  • if anyone speaks in front of them on any issue, they will be in trouble
  • student is always wrong

Anyway, this was not the end, the list is long, i just compiled a few of them. . .

The condition of the class rooms, AC don’t work, sound system and mic don’t work properly, laser pointers are out of cells and dim . . . always! the computer operator doesn’t even know how to restart the computer, etc.

Anyway, the first day, as i thought, that seniors will come, and rag us, and make us annoyed etc, wasn’t like that much. Although they did, but the ragging from the professors and the administration was more than that. .  .

And to be honest, i hated the institute (sorry to say that though!) the very first day . . . and was so sad that why did i enter this medical college.

When i Got admission in Islamic international medical college / Riphah international university – Rawalpindi

Some where in the end of 2004, a bad news probably, but considered good news by mistake, came to me, that i got admission in the Islamic international medical college / Riphah International university – Rawalpindi, Pakistan, in mbbs.

Well, initially i was confused coz i got admission in one other medical college too (not goverment though! it was private too) So my great mom, went to both universities to check out which one suits me better (ofcourse without informing me). So when she was there, she was made sure by the staff of islamic international medical college, that they take very fequent assessment tests and take took care of studies etc etc of students, so she was compelled to send me to the Islamic international medical college. (Btw, note that the tests were around 4-5 per year for each subject, and ofcourse! i failed in almost all of them . . . :p coz of many reason . . . but still i never lost my year at the university! and am still going on ending my mbbs in few months inshaAllah.)

I wish she would have researched more, or atleast i had some sense and had investigated more about it and its reviews before taking admission here.

The great Islamic International Medical College – ruining the students efforts

Monday – 5th October, 2009, was decided to be the day for a gathering for the students of 4th year mbbs and 5th(final) year mbbs students of IIMC(Islamic international medical college, under riphah international university) Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Every thing was being planned and practically done by the students themself, including the finance, the universty was not even arranging or providing a place for the gathering, or any source of funding. Students collected their own money,(around 2 lac pakistani rupee) managed every thing themself and so on. Also, the university didn’t gave any day off for the gathering day, we were to have class till 2pm then the gathering was to be at 4pm and the transport was also an issue.

Well, so? well, after all planning, students greatly and nicely invited all the head of departments of the classes and also the principal. Note that principal was involved in this long ago, and every thing was started by his permission. Although even this doesn’t make any sense, as they were not contributing anything, then why shall we need their permission, but the students took it and worked for weeks and weeks for this even.

3 days before the event was to be held, means today, the vice principal and the community medicine department of islamic international medical college came into action and messed up every thing.

Vice Principal Sanaullah, and other community medicine staff, named Ayaz Bhatti, Inam, Shehzad were against the event and were furious that why didn’t students involved them in the event. So they suggested this:

-> there will be seperation in male and female sides, with proper system.

-> only one speech will be done, and then no more function, or scripts etc,

-> serve the food

If the gathering was just for food, then why shall we ask you for all this? the students were preparing for this for more than month, and 4th year students prepared the whole show and every thing.

Remember that IIMC is co-education, with all boys and girls studying together, in same rooms, and same campus, same library, every thing (well that has many apparent issues too)

The community medicine department threatened the students that if they didn’t follow the way that they suggested, they will fail the students of 4th year in the coming annual examination, and this was said in front of the students, not secretly.

The community medicine department of islamic international medical college, along with other departments, like anatomy and biochemistry are known for their dumbness and stupidity in the past too on many occassions.

Almost 90% of the preparation was complete and almost every one got their new dresses and suits stitched and then suddenly, the department wakes up, ruining every thing.

The comments of the students after all this today were:

  • vp kutta
  • inam kutta
  • it was biggest mistake of our life to come in this fucked up institute

But when we see it, infact no one can do anything. Coz almost all the students here are so scared that they can’t take any stand against the officials and the staff of the college. That is probably the reason why the departments are so confident when saying such a stupid thing and acting like idiots. That is the reason why all of the students are suppressed.

If they had confidence and had guts, they would have atleast came out with anything, how many people will they fail? all of the 4th year? all of the 5th year? No! but still, the students are so coward that they don’t wanna take any stand. . .

Don’t know what to say now! . . . and yes, i also believe, that it was one of the biggest mistakes in my life, that i chosed such a institute, even though i got admission in other medical colleges in Pakistan (although private). . .but its not use to cry over spilt milk.