Surgery I topics (also for sendup exam) IIMCT/PRH

Following is the list of the topics for the Surgery I paper for final year mbbs professional examination 2010 (the same topics are meant to be included in the december 30th 2009 surgery sendups examination in Islamic International Medical College Trust / Pakistan railway hospital – Riphah international university, Rawalpindi, Pakistan)

  1. Preoperative care of surgical patients
  2. Anesthesia and pain management
  3. General principles and types of anesthesia
  4. Drugs used in anesthesia and CPR
  5. Post operative care
  6. Critical care and life support
  7. Management of burns and skin cover
  8. Fluid and electrolytes and acid base balance
  9. IV fluids and blood transfusion
  10. Nutrition of surgical patients
  11. Wound and their complications
  12. Infections
  13. Safe surgery and sterilization
  14. Cyst, ulcer, sinus, tumor, in general principles of oncology
  15. Transplant
  16. Trauma in general
  17. Trauma, deformities, congenital disorders, soft tissue disorders, tumors infections in orthopaedics
  18. Head and spinal injury tumors and peripheral nerves in neuro surgery
  19. Face mouth thyroid parathyroid adrenals and breast in fasio maxillary surgery

Special thanks to Kosmic Kid (Sameer Ahmed) for providing the list of topics to me on messenger. Adios!

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    1. sendup exams mean the exams which send you up.. Allah ke paas :p

      lolx.. kidding

      sendups means the exams before final exams, more like preparatory exams

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    thanks Doctor sb.

    Actualy Em engineer, here these terms are not use.. thats Y was asking you..

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