Upgraded Security of the Islamic International Medical College Campus! hah!

December being the last month for the final year mbbs of session 2005, Islamic International Medical College Trust / Pakistan Railway Hospital (iimct/prh), we had to goto our college campus after long time for some official documentation and attendance issues etc, well, there were some pretty amusing changes right at the entrance! (and only at the entrance maybe!)

While entering into the main gate, it was closed and guarded and only students and staff were allowed to go in, i was in CIVIL dress and not the uniform, and none of the guards had ever seen me before, but, i just said “final year” and went in through the SECURE gates of the iimc campus! :p Well, then again, in the parking area, i was asked my name and who i am, i just said my name, and final year, and there you go! i was in! wondering how SECURE the entrance check was!

I had to goto the university campus for three days infact, so by the third day, they didn’t even ask me and just let me in without even stopping me, and i had a friend with me too who never belong to the university and they weren’t checked or asked who they are.

Whats the point of this useless post? well dunno exactly, but, in the same way, whats the point of that useless security? when they don’t even ask anyone properly who they are and anyone can enter without getting caught in this way!

This is not just the college campus, its the same in the hospital campus too, and not only this the similar thing happened while i went into a very sensitive gathering and conference in a highly guarded place last month “UN-Invited” (can’t disclose more).

I just wonder on what is this security and stuff when a simple dude like me can bypass them so easily (not talking about the college one, it simply sucks) . . . anyway . . good luck to all those who still feel secure in that SECURE environment.

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