Medical Student Killed vice principal in Islamic International Medical College

Almost half an hour ago a final year student from Islamic International Medical College, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, shot dead the vice principal of the college.

Its being rumored that he killed him for not letting him sit in the professional examinations.

The killer also tried to kill other professors of related department (community medicine) but they managed to escape. (Dr. Ayaz and Dr. Komal)

Vice Principal of Islamic International Medical College, Dr. Brig. Sanaullah was in his office when he was killed by the student.

He was shot dead in day time when university was having normal classes and schedule, and all the guards were on duty.

He was holding a rifle (model not confirmed yet) in his hands when he was heading towards the vice principal office and no one tried to stop him. Once he killed him, he moved to lecture halls to kill the professors and other teachers.

Gates of the university were closed after this incident (don’t know why) which were opened on force by the students to let them go out.

Vice principal of IIMC was shot twice on face in his office (IIMC, peshawar road, rawalpindi,) today on tuesday, 6th september, 2011

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  1. I felt sorry when I heard this news.He was a nice person.

    I still remember the day when we moved to supreme court building, for the first time, from our hummak campus. We were so happy to be in this vast building as hummak campus was barely half in area to the current campus. After roaming around the entire building we sat on the ground, in front of the lawn, waiting for our registration. That’s when dr. Sanaullah walked to us and said ” yeh ap kya masioo ki tarha zameen par baithee hain”. We smiled at him and politely replied
    ” to sir aur kahan baithain” After a couple of days there were benches installed throughout the campus.

    You can’t blame the administration alone for this incident ,the Parents are involved in it as well!

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