My first day at Islamic Ineternational medical college / Riphah International University – Rawalpindi, Pakistan

In the early days of January 2005, our session began. The first day, went inside the college, happily! but no reception! no one to guide, went to the notice board to find out if there is any info, well found out some lecture hall 3 to be a place for us to sit!

Once seated there, we had orientation classes. They were to be for 1 month. Well, to be honest! we were shocked when we found out a person, who we considered in the admission test day, to be some peon! –  he was the head of department! of one subject! and others were not very graceful too! all messed up and highly non professional attitude.

You know what were the first 1 month classes were about? its here:

  • we were not taught any medical subjects for 1 month, or any intro to them , or not any proper intro to them
  • we were taught that how bad we are
  • how bad non-muslims are
  • how nalaiq and a burdon on our parents we are that we didn’t got admission in goverment sector medical colleges and got admission in private one
  • we were taught that we are now stuck in hell
  • that if they see any girl without the head scarf, they will blow her head
  • if any boy is seen without uniform, he will get in trouble
  • if any boy and girl are seen talking to each other, ever, they will get failed in exams (and yes, they did fail them too , please note, that boys and girls study in same class rooms, same area, same labs, same library, etc)
  • if anyone speaks in front of them on any issue, they will be in trouble
  • student is always wrong

Anyway, this was not the end, the list is long, i just compiled a few of them. . .

The condition of the class rooms, AC don’t work, sound system and mic don’t work properly, laser pointers are out of cells and dim . . . always! the computer operator doesn’t even know how to restart the computer, etc.

Anyway, the first day, as i thought, that seniors will come, and rag us, and make us annoyed etc, wasn’t like that much. Although they did, but the ragging from the professors and the administration was more than that. .  .

And to be honest, i hated the institute (sorry to say that though!) the very first day . . . and was so sad that why did i enter this medical college.

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    1. @Miz, i didn’t say that it’s bad though! i just mentioned what i experienced there! there are some students that are happy with the environment! (i really don’t know how or why! :p)

    1. Well most of them like to follow the old rule that Students have to study on their own . . .

      I might be writing posts on the teaching style and personality of various individual teachers (both good and bad) soon that might help you and others in knowing all this in more detail! however as you just said that you have got admission here so you will be knowing it soon yourself too! :) :p

  1. lol im regrettin it i tnk i should have gone to fauji instead now, bt oh well wts done is done , nd omg is it tru dey fail alot of students, dats wt every1 saying bout dis place. so wt fun stuff goes on there

    1. games? No games, no courts or play grounds (well there is a sports week though, in which there are football, cricket, badminton and table tennis competition – not for girls imo)

      trips? ya trips are there for hostelides. Btw, are you going to be in hostel or are resident of pindi/isb?

      Activities . . . roaming around in the 200 meter campus corridors. . .

  2. Awesome activities then i’d say. LOL
    i have talked to like a gazzilion people out here from Riphah and they all tell me what a horrible place that is and your post just made it all worse. Pahahaha
    Anyway, why are there no trips for non-hostelites? Why this biased attitude? WHY? =p
    and hey Miz, ever had a chance to hop across i don’t know why but i have a funny feeling that i know you. =S

  3. hi i m roshni i wana gt admin in iimc as far i hv red ur cmmnts i m scard bt hw mny mrks hv u scrd and is it easy o gt admsn in riphah i m mad abt ths prfssn kndly guide me

  4. well…since the competition is very high everywhere..i being not so bad student did not manage to get admission in any medical college…tomorrow i will be appearing for DPT…i scored 890 in fsc…what do u predict? will i make it?… into the horrible environment you mentioned? :P

  5. is scarf compulsory in islamic medical college…………..wht happens if we dont wear scarf in college?

    1. yap it is necessary! words of the former principal on my first day at IIMC some years back, when one of the girls asked him what if we don’t cover our head, he said something like:

      “tou ham aap ka sar phaar dain gay”

      hope it helps

  6. AOA is it possible to get admission in riphah having 71 percent marks in fsc nd kindly tel me wots da weightage ov entry test??

    1. lolx, u seem to be too desperate to ruin your life!

      and well, there are all self financed seats :) You still didn’t understand that this college is just running coz of money?

  7. hey its me iman…i m gettng adm aftr resdng ur exprienc i m v scrd…z it so bad? can no1 talk to eachothr??

  8. well i hv scored 693 marks i hv lost my two years due to sm prblm abroad kndly tell me smthng that cld leed me to prfsn i love the most i am vry worried thnks for ur reply doc nabeel if i cn nt join it than wat iz nxt optn for me could u plz tell me abt fields related to bio i m crazy abt it plz do guide me with ur advice thanks

    1. first of all these days competition is too tough, so i am not sure if you’ll be able to get admission in mbbs atleast on 693 marks.

      Other related fields are ofcourse bds, doctor of pharmacy, dpt, bio informatics etc.

  9. hey nabeel plz do reply me…actualy i got v tensed aftr knwng ur exprinc… guide me whether i join ds or imdc? n hw did u spent 5 yearz in iimc as u hate it too mch…plz do tel me in detail….

    1. i replied to you, maybe you need to make a habit of checking your email inbox?

      and umm…. ds means? doctor of . . . ? and well bds is better.

      well, it’s a long story how i spent these 5 years . . .. very long infact

  10. @ Iman:

    Dude, it’s bad if you are coming from an institute that is all ‘fun fun fun’ and then it kinda sucks when you are dumped here in IIMC all of a sudden with shitloads of rules and you are all like wtf just happened! lol
    The environment is sucky. The only hope you can have is find the right sort of friends you can live with. Go join Shifa for MBBS or if you really are into IIMC, go to BDS.

  11. plz can u tell me about last year merit list for mbbs n wt u say abt uni merit list!!!!!! open merit for guys n grlz????????????????????????? or seperate seat fr both guys n grlz

  12. salam doc nabeel….thanx 4 all dat such info abt dat awesome medical clg…hahaha….dat rules and strictness make me scared too… .it seems more to be prison…and u was 1 among all prisoners….anyways plz can u tell me abt da facilities of IIMC?….stll da facilities in 2010 r same as were in 2005?

  13. salam dear sirs. it is the first of october. and the result of the admission test for the mbbs program is still not out. i read somewhere online that it would come out today. do any of you have any information regarding the result/ or have contacted the university?

  14. Thanks nabeel bhai, but upon entering roll no. or form no. i dont get any result or text in the name, status or instructions fields. do you know if they have put up the merit list on some notice board in the college? as i cannot access the information from the site. do you know when they will release result.

  15. i got my result it is 74.81 aggregate. is that enough to get in on open merit seat? as there is no merit list on the site.

  16. assalam u alaikum….cud u plz infom me bout d season ov test fo dpt? n yeay it ill b d great ov ya f u cud email me its patern t’ingy….haffun :)

  17. Assalam u alaikum.kud yew plx infom me bout d season ov tests fo dpt? n yey it ill b very kool ov ya f yew kud email me its patern t’ingy…haffun:)

  18. Dr. Nabeel, Only a stupid will believe your story. You are telling dumb lies.
    1- You wrote, “We had orientation classes. They were to be for 1 month”.
    How come you had orientation for one month as the other students had orientation for 3 days only? What kind of orientation you were going through you fool?
    2- You wrote, “We found out a person, who we considered in the admission test day, to be some peon! – he was the head of department”.
    So you evaluate a person from his attire, not from his knowledge. He had more knowledge than your father…Dud.
    3- You wrote, “How nalaiq and a burdon on our parents we are that we didn’t got admission in goverment sector medical colleges and got admission in private one”.
    Of course, you were bourdon on your parents as you could not get admission in the government college where the tuition fee is next to nothing. Your parents are spending about Rs. 800,000 a year from their pocket.
    4- You are pissed because you did not have chance talking to a female student.
    What if, instead of you, your sister was studying in IIMC?
    5- You are calling yourself a doctor, and you are making such stupid mistakes in your quarter of a page writing. Spell check ‘goverment’ instead of government, ‘burdon’ instead of burden, “We didn’t got admission” instead of ‘we didn’t get admission.
    6- Let me ask you, did you graduate on time? And if so, what was your ranking in the class? I know you will lie again.
    From your attitude, I can see you are a total failure in your life.

    1. 1. I had!

      2. he had more knowledge than my father in his field only, and btw, do you consider peon’s to be illiterate / low in knowledge people??

      3. many students finance themself and live on their own, please don’t consider everyone as you

      4. I still have many female friends from the university, sorry to disappoint you, so that’s not the reason which pissed me off :)

      5. Thanks for correction, i never called myself Doctor Nabeel (except for the domain name), and kindly advice the university to include english as a subject too, rather than islamiat, being taught by those who never got their degree in Islamic studies

      6. I got detained in final year, and ranking should be near just above the passing line, I usually try not to lie, maybe – and this institute just helped me reach towards my failure (things were different with not only me, but maximum students, before they joined it)

      Next time, do have guts to include your name and identity when you comment, dude

  19. Re-answer for Pt.-4

    4- And your sister still has many male friend from the university. Wt a crepy disgusting bitchy family…

    1. ISLAMIC INTERNATIONAL MEDIAL COLLEGE caused it to happen! blame the uni setup! :)

      btw, why do you think that all male and female friends have same sort of friendship and do same sort of stuff that happened to your family ? comeon man! not all people have same experiences in life :)

    2. and btw, I am not sure if iimc have any campus or staff posted near baniyas road…

      have guts to tell your name atleast man! don’t prove that you’re an IIMC certified muslim

  20. hey nabeel i want to do bds n i got adm in riphah as well as in islamabad medical and dental college so plz suggest me which med colg is mre suitable for me?plz tel me fast ve js one day to decide

  21. dr nabeel nice to tell you that i ve got admn in ymdc in mbbs wt u say about ymdc and i m also scared frm heavy books of mbbs also tell that how we will read the book(medical physiology 12th edition) in one year or in five year????????????

  22. well this is to inform u dctr nabeel that i have got admin in iimc ……….. keep it up by giving advices to ppl

  23. hey dr nabeel I have a great craze for iimc bt after reading u i m too much scared plz advise me what can i do reply me soon plz….

      1. I also dont know abt it but i want to get admission in this ins. tell me is it right or wrong???????
        is it right option to get admission in this ins.??????????

  24. moosa tu ne aiwi in bacho ko darra dia hai…. Guys u can say it was a bit bad but not that bad…… And no interaction bw females and males is just restricted to the campus. once u get into 3rd yr and start ur clinicals, u ll be fine :)…… And since u are spending a hell lot of money so if they make some strict environment around u then that too is for ur own good. Trust me…. Cheers and happy stay in islamic……. :)….. mulk aur qaum ka naam roshan kro :)

  25. Hello ! I just need the info regarding dpt ,like what kind of field is it .
    My father wants me to repeat an year n apply fr mbbs or bds but i dnt want to do so n want to opt some other rewarding options
    Ill be grateful towards a response :)

    1. I can guide you better if you tell me these first:

      What are your marks in matric and in Fsc? What do you wish to do in your life if your parents were not forcing you? What is the profession of your mother and father?

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