Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza and Ayesha Siddiqui

Out of all these upcoming news about Ayesha Siddiqui being the wife of Shoaib Malik who is going to be married to Sania Mirza on 15th of april, its really confusing to find out the real truth if Shoaib and Ayesha are really married.

Ayesha has been giving many haphazard interviews to media like her recent one claiming that she was pregnant after the marriage too and got a miscarriage. Upon questioning she refused to tell the exact time and name of the hospital except for just saying that the gynaecologist name was Dr. Fatime. Now come on! there are hundreds of Doctors in hyderabad city with that name!

I am not claiming that this Ayesha Siddiqui is a complete fake and baseless story, but that’s what it is appearing as.

Can’t they just confirm by NADRA ?

Nadra have all record of the married couples. Now if they claim that they never updated records in NADRA, that’s more than a stupid excuse to make!

Media is always trying to jump into all matters, why don’t they go and trace this Ayesha Sidiqui and find out the reality? Where she lived, where she grew up. Any images along with shoaib. And oh! comeon! the marriage video? Where is it?

And lets assume if it really is true that she is Shoaib’s wife, then why is she doing all this drama? what will she get in the end? a DIVORCE?

Anyway, lets see what this story brings up next! which apparently is just another fake story out there.

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