PMDC urgent fee or official bribe?

PMDC registration after you have completed your mbbs degree is 500 PKR officially.

However, if you follow the normal fee, it will take you nearly 2 months to get your registration done. (that too is not guaranteed) and sometimes the applications are lost.

If you pay them 3000 PKR, you get it in 1 day.

Now what the hell is this? isn’t it official bribe?

7 thoughts on “PMDC urgent fee or official bribe?”

  1. Well at PMDC we have loadz of crap goin on. Doctor Munawwar (Haripur ENT specialist) has texted all the students in the hazara division that “if you want to pass the exam you can provide us with Rs. 7 Lacks, the questions in paper will be revealed to you 1 day before the exam and if your unable to qualify even then, you will be given one more chance to correct your mistakes after the exam is conducted.” Those who didn’t go for the bribe were texted as such after the exam was conducted “Hey there, how did it go? What do you expect? Dr. Munawwar.” After this: “You can still pass the exam if you provide us with the fee we require to do so”. Now what would you call this??

    I myself am a student and just got rid of the pathetic exam. And i received these messages aswell.

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