Sahiwal hospital women declared dead found alive after ghusal

Yet another case of lack of professionalism in the hospitals. Recently a lady was declared dead by the hospital staff and doctors gave the body to the relatives.

The body was kept over night considering the women to be dead. But next day when she was given ghusal / bath, she stood up! and was found to be alive!

Now it might seem funny but its really disgusting too. Not only showing lack of professional attitude but also causing so much embarrassment for the family (although happiness for her relatives too!)

The family would have kept the body all that day and night and cried over it. All relatives from various cities or countries even might have arrived for the funeral just to find out that the doctor declaring her dead was not competent enough?

3 thoughts on “Sahiwal hospital women declared dead found alive after ghusal”

  1. They even did’nt know she dead or alive how they treat their patient. I Think that doctors just believes on eys. I think they not even touch that lady…

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