Will Sania Marry Shoaib if Ayesha and Shoaib marriage is proved?

Well, controversies are on their way, some people claim that Ayesha is just a liar and fake character and will go down soon, but some claim that she is telling the truth.

Well, keeping this apart that this is true or not, lets assume that it is proved and if it really is true that Shoaib Malik and Ayesha Siddiqui are husband and wife, then what do you think:

Will Sania Mirza marry Shoaib Malik if Ayesha Sidiqui is proved to be his wife?

Well this is really a complicated questions.Apparently it seems obvious that she will feel cheated and will right away break her relation with Shoaib Malik. But what if she already know that? what if she knows that Shoaib and Ayesha are husband and wife and is part of the game? Then definitely she will not go away ditching Shoabi Malik, but might play a different shot and still marry Shoaib, kicking out Ayesha Sidiqui.

So what’s your opinion on this situation?

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