Mr Saif-ur-Rehman (grand master of saifi silsila) seriuosly ill and admit in hospital

Note: Peer Saif-ur-Rehman has died.

Today I visited Sheikh Zaid Hospital (adjacent to Punjab University) Lahore, Pakistan where Hazrat Saif-ur-Rehman (grandmaster of the saifi silsila lineage) has been admitted and is in critical condition in icu. He was admitted due to the complain of myocardial infarction (heart attack) which got resolved but he later on developed aspiratory pneumonia and is now in the state of septicemia.

Mr Saif-ur-Rehman was placed on ventilator initially when he arrived with the MI, but later on when he was stable, the ventilator was removed, which unfortunately lead to aspiration and caused aspiration pneumonia. Many of Mr Saif-ur-Rehman’s students and followers of Saifi silsila arrived at the hospital to see their teacher from all over Pakistan. He also had some students of saifi silsila in the staff of the hospital already.

At the time when we visited Mr. Saif-ur-Rehman, two of his saifi silsila students were there with him who were managing the visitors who came to see him there. One of them was his official translator. Although rude, but their management was in favor of Mr Saif-ur-Rehman.

I was not allowed to take picture of Mubarak sahab (Saif-ur-Rehman Sahab) by the attenders.

May Allah give Mubarak Sahab health and may he get well soon and resume his teachings to his students of Saifi silsila.

21st December 2012, Could it be . . .?

2000 years ago there was a religion named MAYA. They predicted that the earth will meet with the sun on 21th December 2012. This day could be the last day of the human race. Many predict that this could also be the prediction of the day of judgment. The book predicting this event is placed in a library in Spain.

21 december 2012 is going to be a friday and according to Islamic calender it’s gonna be 10th of Moharram.

Nasa has confirmed that after every 26000 years earth and the sun meet*(citation needed) and this is going to happen on 21st december 2012.

Well, there are many other predictions which lead to some very big event/disaster on this day. Could it really be the end of man kind? day of judgement? or some very big disaster for the world?

Upgraded Security of the Islamic International Medical College Campus! hah!

December being the last month for the final year mbbs of session 2005, Islamic International Medical College Trust / Pakistan Railway Hospital (iimct/prh), we had to goto our college campus after long time for some official documentation and attendance issues etc, well, there were some pretty amusing changes right at the entrance! (and only at the entrance maybe!)

While entering into the main gate, it was closed and guarded and only students and staff were allowed to go in, i was in CIVIL dress and not the uniform, and none of the guards had ever seen me before, but, i just said “final year” and went in through the SECURE gates of the iimc campus! :p Well, then again, in the parking area, i was asked my name and who i am, i just said my name, and final year, and there you go! i was in! wondering how SECURE the entrance check was!

I had to goto the university campus for three days infact, so by the third day, they didn’t even ask me and just let me in without even stopping me, and i had a friend with me too who never belong to the university and they weren’t checked or asked who they are.

Whats the point of this useless post? well dunno exactly, but, in the same way, whats the point of that useless security? when they don’t even ask anyone properly who they are and anyone can enter without getting caught in this way!

This is not just the college campus, its the same in the hospital campus too, and not only this the similar thing happened while i went into a very sensitive gathering and conference in a highly guarded place last month “UN-Invited” (can’t disclose more).

I just wonder on what is this security and stuff when a simple dude like me can bypass them so easily (not talking about the college one, it simply sucks) . . . anyway . . good luck to all those who still feel secure in that SECURE environment.

Fire in F-9 park, Islamabad, Pakistan on 9th december 2009

fireToday while i was in the F-9 Park (Fatima Jinnah Park), Islamabad, Pakistan on 9th of december 2009, the fire erupted in the the ground which was along the plant fence and it picked up the fire due to some unknown reason. There were fire brigades on the spot soon but the fire was so huge that it went on till now (more than an hour now).

There were no injury to anyone in the Fatima Jinnah Park, Islamabad apparently though! but it was scary to see huge fire in so large area in the biggest park in Islamabad, Pakistan where many people come every evening for walk and other activities.

Terrorist Attack (blasts and firing) at Prade Lane Mosque (near Qasim Market / Westridge) Rawalpindi, Pakistan on 4th december 2009

Today a shameful act occurred in Rawalpindi, Pakistan today (4th December, 2009). According to updates, almost seven to eight people who entered the mosque and threw almost three hand grenades in the mosque and then started open fire killing and injuring many at the spot.

Blast_5417The mosque was small which can accommodate almost 70-80 people for prayers but for Jumma prayers people also get accommodated outside the mosque, making the number of people offering prayers to be almost 200. Most of the people coming here for prayers are local of the area which includes various officials and retired Army personals.  The mosque doesn’t have its own name as such and is called Prade Lane mosque due to its location being near to Prade Lane.

The mosque is situation near the Qasim Market, (bit away from chor chowk) Rawalpindi. This area is near the Westridge area.

Almost 20-30 people got injured in the firing according to the news updates till now but this figure could rise more.

The exact number of people dead is not yet known but the figure is said confirm 2 deaths.

EDIT: Rehman Malik said 30 deaths. Ispr Confirmed 14 deaths including children.

The terrorists attacking and firing in the mosque are said to have LMG and various weapons and bags. Situation similar to the GHQ, rawalpindi attack.

So who could be behind this attack? American direct agencies in Pakistan, like Black Water etc or what ever their names are? or American Indirect agencies in Pakistan Like Taliban etc? Or maybe any other country can be involved in this. . . But the loss is great. . . It’s a shame to see how they attacked on the mosque on people who were there just offering prayers.

Suicide Bomb Blast in Naval Complex, E-8, Islamabad, Pakistan on 2nd December 2009

Today there was suicide bomb blast at the entrance of Naval Complex, E-8, Islamabad, Pakistan at noon on 2nd December 2009.

The suicide bomber was dropped by some vehicle near the naval complex entrance from where he started moving on foot to pass the naval complex entrance. Upon suspicion, he was stopped for interrogation but he probably didn’t knew the language so was not able to answer. Upon no progress through interrogation, the navy personnel went near him to investigate him, on which he blew himself.

The soldier who went to investigate him died at the spot and many others got injured including a 6 year old student of Bahria College.

The event was caught on the camera at the entrance and the investigation is now going on.

The students of the college were not allowed to come out of the main entrance until the situation was under control, however the shaheen complex gate was open.

This is really a sad event and really upsetting :(

b I have been student of Bahria College E-8 too.

TCS (insecure courier) fraud – tampering and removal of items / money from the package caught

Today i received a TCS courier parcel which was tampered and the seal seemed to be opened and reclosed . . . Asked the delivery guy to stop and called the person who sent me the parcel to know what exactly was in the parcel and how tcs insecure courieras it send, and it came to the notice that the parcel was really opened and then reclosed by the tcs staff druing the delivery procedure and some stuff was removed from it too! This is really a very bad impression from the TCS staff! Can you imagine your confidential documents or any other parcels being opened and your personal stuff being removed from it ??? WTF! I was really shocked to know that TCS tampers with your parcels and not only this, they remove the enclosed stuff and documents out of your parcels! without any notification on the parcel or of any sort! and also, those removed items are not returned to the sender, rather they are kept with them, for their personal use.

Upon some investigation and banging of the head in the TCS courier system offices, it came out that the parcel was opened and items removed at the senders area TCS office.

I don’t think that i will be able to trust TCS anymore and will never recommend anyone to send any confidential data/money via tcs ever! They might remove your items and/or money added in the parcel and simply refuse that it was there altogether! or maybe you don’t even notice or enquire the party regarding the contents of the parcel sent!

So just be careful when you chose TCS (or others, who knows!) not only in Islamabad, Pakistan, but also in other cities and countries! This is really a shameful act from such a renown company! and it’s no more secure to use it for personal and important stuff including money!

Reema (Pakistani Firm actress) Leaving for Hajj today on 11 november 2009

Reema Khan, a renowned actress of Pakistan film industry is leaving for Hajj / pilgrim today on 11th of november 2009.

She submitted the application for Hajj a week ago which has been approved. She will be leaving for Jeddah, Saudia Arabia today in the evening. She is going for Hajj with her father Agha Akmal Khan. Reema said that she is very much thankful to God for the success and a privilege of having opportunity to perform Hajj.  She said she will also offer prayers for the country and elimination of terrorism.

Earthquake in Pakistan on 29th October 2009

There were tremors due to an earth quake of 6.0 magnitude here in Pakistan at 2335 PST on 29th of October 2009. The earth quake was reported from the areas of Punjab and NWFP, Pakistan, including Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Swat, Mansehra, Muzaffarabad, Dera Ghazi Khan, Abbotabad and other ajdacent areas.

The tremors of the October 29th, 2009 earthquake in various regions of Pakistan were felt for over 30 seconds.

Why are 15000 Indian soldiers called back from Kashmir on 29th October 2009.

india kashmir terrorism troopsIndia asked around 15,000 indian troops in the Occupied Kashmir area to return back to India. Reason given is that they are moving some troops back in the end of October 2009 due to the improvement in the security situation in Occupied Kasmir.

This could be a perfectly valid reason though, but some critics and people are taking it in a different direction and have their own opinion about this.

It’s being considered that this could be due to the reason, that now India needs more troops in the waziristan and other areas of Pakistan, where many other foreign agents have been captured and killed already, and today Army announced that they have reached almost 4 km from the main area of the terrorist millitants in the Waziristan area. Critics are considering that this could be a move to increase the troops of the trained people who are trained and working on groud in the Occupied Kashmir area already, instead of deploying fresh troops who are on the peace land currently.

God knows what is it really related to, we can just pray that this is not the valid reason though!

May Allah forgive us all and have mercy on us. . .