Police and Media in Shifa International Hospital today 3rd july 2013

Well there was a few police men roaming around here and there for last few weeks in shifa international hospital islamabad, but today they were there is a large number.

Police was covering all the exits of the hospital and also present inside the hospital at different places.

There was alot of media there too. Geo, duniya, samaa and others probably.

Why were they there ? well there’s quite a story going on around which had a climax today so thats why they were there.

The patient was admitted in medical icu in shifa international who was from the bhugti clan or so who died today. They wanted to take the body outside parliment but police is not letting them do so.

Police seems to be ready to cope with any adverse situation there.

There are alot of bhugti clan people present inside shifa international too.

The environment is tensed. Can we expect a clash ???

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