ROBSTEN Relatioship Going Out Of Scene

Since the making of Twilight, we were watching Robbert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart all together but now they are not seeing anywhere else. In every party, in every function and on every important place, they were with each other. But after the release of Twilight New Moon, they are trying to keep distanc. Kristen goes seperate on her special places and Robbert is doing his activities without Kristen. It’s very surprising.

No one knows, how deep their relationship is but they are very good friends too on the other hand. Seems like they are going out of scene, which can be very risky for both of them in near future. Robsten look beautiful and charming with each other, why they are moving apart? Maybe, they are giving space to their relation so that they can be able to realize each other’s presence as well as importance by moving apart. Or maybe, someone has told them to keep distance because their intentions towards their work are distracting due to their relationship.

Come on people, they look pretty together and they are not kids, who cannot take decisions. Kristen is 19 years old and Robert is 23 years old matured adult. They should make smart decisions to give value to their relationship.

Robert Pattinson’s Enigmetic Childhood

Vampire hunk Robert Pattinson is not only attractive in his young age but also he was cutipie in his childhood. Just look at his picture, you will surely want to lick the screen because he was adorable as he is today. Vampire hunk always has inspired many boys to get his looks as well as girls are crazy about having his one vamprie bite. When you will peek inside his childhood, you will find many funniest things about Robert.

Robert Pattinson was a little british cute boy, who was liked by almost every person around him. When he reached at the age of 12, he had been expelled from the school because of his extreme naughtiest behavior, which had bothered the staff a lot. Since his childhood, Robert has remained one of the most prominent and standout personality among his friends and relatives. When he was a child, his sister’s friends were known him as a little girl because his looks were closer to feminine looks.

Once Robert participated in ring modeling in which he got cat walk by wearing ring on his finger. His modeling career was not so successful but he proved himself in this age and showed the whole world that he is not lesser than Brad pit. One of the best things about Robert Pattiinson, he never bores you because he is so talktive and he amuses you by his funniest conversation. Cutipie Robert Pattinson is having good looks since his childhood. It’s really cool and interesting!

Karina’s eyes fixed On Shahid’s Performance At Star Screen 16th Annual Awards

After Shahid and Kareena’s seperation, both had found their partners i.e. Priyanka Chopra and Saif Ali Khan but still there are some rumors that Shahid and Kareena didn’t stop talking to each other. It’s very surprising that they both have declared their seperation but they are talking as several people have witnessed their messages on Facebook.

On 31 Jan 2009, Star Screen 16th Annual Award ceremony was held in which shahid have given the most adorable performace being viewed by thousands of people live and millions of people on T.V. When Shahid was giving his best performance, camera was fixed on one point, where Kareena was standing and peeking deeply into the performance of him. Over and again, camera was kept on capturing the shots of Kareena and she was failed to see that she is being captured.

Maybe, while seeing the performance of Shahid, Kareena would be regreting on which kind of act, she had done with the Shahid. Even, in rehersals, Karina was focusing on the Shahid’s performance and was watching it keenly by sitting in the hall. What a stupid girl, who has left very cute boy. I really sympathize with Shahid’s feeling because Kareena did wrong to her and made relation with that guy, who is alreay married and having one child. Whats your standard Kareena?

Cute Edward On Pepsi Can

Seems like, magic of robert’s performance in twilight has also inspired major companies like Pepsi. Before, his Twilight poster was printed on a perfume bottle and now he is going to appear on Pepsi cans. Isn’t it amazing? A man in a young age, is getting skyhigh populairty.

Robert Pattinson is considered to be one of the best actors in Hollywood and film industry, whhich is a great honor for a young person. His fans are romaing around him like honeybees are possessive about their behives. Without any doubt, Robert Pattinson is good enough to grab the attention of not only his audience but also he has influenced many major companies like Pepsi. Limited editions are available in the market onto which Twilight poster attracts the attention superbly. I am crazy fan of Edward-Robertzzz and looking for my can. Are you?

Robert Pattinson Got Bearded

It seems like Robert Pattinson has urge to shock the whole world not only with his superb on screen performance but also he wants to make girls crazy about his bearded face. Yes, Robert is having hairs on his face in which he doesn’t give strange look. He is gorgeous without beard but he is not bad by having hairs on his face. Certain reasons could be to increase his beard. Maybe Robert is planning for his next movie, in which he has to stay like this. Hiati disaster has forced many people to cry, maybe he wants to remain grieved on this phenomenon. Lots of reasons are there to justify his new look. It can be like Kristen has broken Robert’s heart and he has gone in shocking state. lolz! But all in all, he is till providing awesome look to all girls out there. Isn’t the good thing about gorgeous and attractive looked star that he looks outstanding in every appearence. Just like Brad pit. May be Robert is following on brad’s footstep. Who knows?

When I Was A Child……

Childhood is free from every tension and worry. When you are a child, you don’t need to take any responsibiliy and you are unable to know what’s happening around you. It’s a period, which a person wants to have again and again in his life. Childhood never wipes off from your eyes in which you have spent wonderful days of your life. Being a child, you can say anything to your parents and can ask for any toy or other sort of thing. Children have no goals and objectivess except they have to live their life in heaven. Their every wish comes true by passing each day, which provides them a great sense of excitment and they feel like a king or queen.

I always recall my childhood, when i had to play with my neighborhood friends in an afternoon. I was unaware of each second, minute and hour passed by. I liked going to fun lands and many other age appropriate places with my parents, which had made my relation stronger with them. I adored my mom, who have fullfilled my every wish so easily in my childhood. I was a stubborn child and mom was aware of this fact. I wanted to get everything, which had attractive appearence, from having toys to candies to chocolates to purchase clothes. Yes, this is a period, which cannot be revived again and which cannot be reversed.

Now i am in that age, where i have to think about several things. I have to make decisions by considering certain things in my mind. I have to do every job of my life carefully, in addition with, taking decisions wisely. Can i get my childhood period back again? Would i be able to behave same like i was in childhood? When i start finding these answers, i ‘ve come into a conclusion that now i am not a child. Now i am matured. Matured enough to lift up my life’s responsibilities.  I have to move on to steal success from my luck. Yes, i am ready to live my current life in a way, i’ve planned. My morale can never get down and motivational element would always be there in my personality. I was happy to be a child but i am cheerful to be a matured person.

Why Fictional Movies Like Twilight Appeals The Audience?

Why we are into fiction? Why we want to involve in a magical world, which takes us beyond the reach of reality? Why fictional movies like Twilight fascinates the minds? There is a need to answer this question because it’s quite complicated. I am sure, millions of girls in the world would like to get in love with a vampire like Edward Cullen. Several boys would like to be vampire and want to adore Bella Swan. Isn’t it strange because vampires don’t exist in real world but still we have urge to find out that kind of creature, who is found in Twilight. This is a question, which is unanwerable for me.

Fascinating Parts Skipped From Twilight Movie

Without any doubt, Twilight is having good ploting and is equipped with strong characters. It’s a novel, which is written by Stephiene Meyer which was launched in 2005. It’s basically an adult vampire-romance movie, which is being liked by millions of people accross the world. After having big success, this novel had got powerful recognition through a movie, which was directed by Catherine Hardwicke. Good thing about movie was its huge success and it had made impressive stamp on the hearts of several fans and bad thing about the movie was fascinating parts, which hadn’t been added in the movie, but are there in novel. Hell difference between reading novel and to watch movie. You cannot get as much enjoyment from watching movie as much you get from reading by sitting alone in your room. Twilight has grabbed the attentions of millions and trillions of fans but is unable to justify the novel’s story, which is truely heart breaking.

Italy- The Most Impressing Country On Earth

When you will look into the history of Italy,  you will find that Italy is considered to be one of the most prominent countries on earth. It is the place which is being liked by avid tourists for long period. During the time of Roman Empire, Italy was the excellent stream for pilgrims, who had urged for visiting their divine places like church. Italy was actually on map when grand tour was introduced in 1960. At that time, numbers of people wanted to explore more architectural and artistic places and had desire for looking at master pieces.

Tourists had never found  any difficulty with their budgets while planning out trip to Italy and still they love to go on Italy vacations because Italy captivates the tourists attention with cost effective tour budget. You cannot stop yourself from tasting the excellent and fabulous wine in Tuscany, which is the famous place for having different kinds of wine like Chianti. As well as Tuscany is very much inn because of its mass level of agricultural production like olive oil.

Are you really missing the beautiful sights of mountains  and camping like stuff then visit the beautiful city Umbria which is famous for having wonderful mammoth hills. Stories about magical look of these hills always convince the tourists to come into this heaven. Italy is an approproiate place to check out latest fashionable trends. Visit  Milan, which is  equipped with numbers of famous designers and whose clothes are symbol of elegance and panache. Milan is a fabulous city of having classy and appealing garments which really win the heart of several people successfully. This city is the  centre of business and is considered to be second largest city of Italy.

The another alluring holly city of Italy is called Vatican which is also known as holly see and nice location for those who have emotional and spirtual feelings with the religious places. Vatican City is popular for having no single dog. So you can get an idea that why it is considered to be religious and divine place, where blessings of God remain all the time with you. These are some few cities of Italy which definitely would leave a stronger stamp on your heart as well as soul and will force you to visit Italy definetly.

Happy Winters!

People have different opinons about winters. Some of them think, winters make the mood blue.

While on the other side, few of them enjoy the season in same manner like summers. There are plenty of ideas which can provide you ease and comfort in this season. More so, heaps of things, you can do in order to make the season wonderful and alluring. If you have family and yo do live in those areas where your town look beautiful with snow falling then you should make exciting plans on weekends. With the family, it’s a great idea to celebrate the most loveable season. I remember in my childhood, snowfalling was on its peak. My family usually made special plans in order to make me happy and cheerful. I liked to hit snowballs to my parents as well as siblings.

These are the moments which are still in my mind and i get emotional because childhood is free of every worry and tension. Winters for children are just like a heaven. The best way to enjoy winters at home is to sit in front of fireplace and eat dry fruits. No doubt, this is a most typical way but is a very alluring mode to have some dry fruits in your lap and to hold hot coffee mug in your hand. Ahhh! I always wait for the winters because i feel alive. When i go outside, i like touching snowflakes again and agian and lapping up the touch of cool breeze on my face. Happy Winters!