Fascinating Parts Skipped From Twilight Movie

Without any doubt, Twilight is having good ploting and is equipped with strong characters. It’s a novel, which is written by Stephiene Meyer which was launched in 2005. It’s basically an adult vampire-romance movie, which is being liked by millions of people accross the world. After having big success, this novel had got powerful recognition through a movie, which was directed by Catherine Hardwicke. Good thing about movie was its huge success and it had made impressive stamp on the hearts of several fans and bad thing about the movie was fascinating parts, which hadn’t been added in the movie, but are there in novel. Hell difference between reading novel and to watch movie. You cannot get as much enjoyment from watching movie as much you get from reading by sitting alone in your room. Twilight has grabbed the attentions of millions and trillions of fans but is unable to justify the novel’s story, which is truely heart breaking.

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