Robert Pattinson Got Bearded

It seems like Robert Pattinson has urge to shock the whole world not only with his superb on screen performance but also he wants to make girls crazy about his bearded face. Yes, Robert is having hairs on his face in which he doesn’t give strange look. He is gorgeous without beard but he is not bad by having hairs on his face. Certain reasons could be to increase his beard. Maybe Robert is planning for his next movie, in which he has to stay like this. Hiati disaster has forced many people to cry, maybe he wants to remain grieved on this phenomenon. Lots of reasons are there to justify his new look. It can be like Kristen has broken Robert’s heart and he has gone in shocking state. lolz! But all in all, he is till providing awesome look to all girls out there. Isn’t the good thing about gorgeous and attractive looked star that he looks outstanding in every appearence. Just like Brad pit. May be Robert is following on brad’s footstep. Who knows?

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