ROBSTEN Relatioship Going Out Of Scene

Since the making of Twilight, we were watching Robbert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart all together but now they are not seeing anywhere else. In every party, in every function and on every important place, they were with each other. But after the release of Twilight New Moon, they are trying to keep distanc. Kristen goes seperate on her special places and Robbert is doing his activities without Kristen. It’s very surprising.

No one knows, how deep their relationship is but they are very good friends too on the other hand. Seems like they are going out of scene, which can be very risky for both of them in near future. Robsten look beautiful and charming with each other, why they are moving apart? Maybe, they are giving space to their relation so that they can be able to realize each other’s presence as well as importance by moving apart. Or maybe, someone has told them to keep distance because their intentions towards their work are distracting due to their relationship.

Come on people, they look pretty together and they are not kids, who cannot take decisions. Kristen is 19 years old and Robert is 23 years old matured adult. They should make smart decisions to give value to their relationship.

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