Terrorist Attack (blasts and firing) at Prade Lane Mosque (near Qasim Market / Westridge) Rawalpindi, Pakistan on 4th december 2009

Today a shameful act occurred in Rawalpindi, Pakistan today (4th December, 2009). According to updates, almost seven to eight people who entered the mosque and threw almost three hand grenades in the mosque and then started open fire killing and injuring many at the spot.

Blast_5417The mosque was small which can accommodate almost 70-80 people for prayers but for Jumma prayers people also get accommodated outside the mosque, making the number of people offering prayers to be almost 200. Most of the people coming here for prayers are local of the area which includes various officials and retired Army personals.  The mosque doesn’t have its own name as such and is called Prade Lane mosque due to its location being near to Prade Lane.

The mosque is situation near the Qasim Market, (bit away from chor chowk) Rawalpindi. This area is near the Westridge area.

Almost 20-30 people got injured in the firing according to the news updates till now but this figure could rise more.

The exact number of people dead is not yet known but the figure is said confirm 2 deaths.

EDIT: Rehman Malik said 30 deaths. Ispr Confirmed 14 deaths including children.

The terrorists attacking and firing in the mosque are said to have LMG and various weapons and bags. Situation similar to the GHQ, rawalpindi attack.

So who could be behind this attack? American direct agencies in Pakistan, like Black Water etc or what ever their names are? or American Indirect agencies in Pakistan Like Taliban etc? Or maybe any other country can be involved in this. . . But the loss is great. . . It’s a shame to see how they attacked on the mosque on people who were there just offering prayers.

4 thoughts on “Terrorist Attack (blasts and firing) at Prade Lane Mosque (near Qasim Market / Westridge) Rawalpindi, Pakistan on 4th december 2009”

  1. this is really Horrible situation.
    i feel so bad after this kinda accidents.
    nobody want war but some psycho people won’t stop.
    like i saw a speech of Zaid hamid. i really felt very bad.
    he was abusing another country with his powerful word’s
    and was using the name of the great Allah.
    so what will our new generation learn??
    that’s it….

  2. I m fully convinced the style of attack as described in SWORD FISH movie.where John Travolta tells Hugh Jackman that they want terrorism to be so horriable that terroest themselves think before doing this………… Black water,mosaad are there….but they are remote control attackers……..

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