21st December 2012, Could it be . . .?

2000 years ago there was a religion named MAYA. They predicted that the earth will meet with the sun on 21th December 2012. This day could be the last day of the human race. Many predict that this could also be the prediction of the day of judgment. The book predicting this event is placed in a library in Spain.

21 december 2012 is going to be a friday and according to Islamic calender it’s gonna be 10th of Moharram.

Nasa has confirmed that after every 26000 years earth and the sun meet*(citation needed) and this is going to happen on 21st december 2012.

Well, there are many other predictions which lead to some very big event/disaster on this day. Could it really be the end of man kind? day of judgement? or some very big disaster for the world?

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