TCS (insecure courier) fraud – tampering and removal of items / money from the package caught

Today i received a TCS courier parcel which was tampered and the seal seemed to be opened and reclosed . . . Asked the delivery guy to stop and called the person who sent me the parcel to know what exactly was in the parcel and how tcs insecure courieras it send, and it came to the notice that the parcel was really opened and then reclosed by the tcs staff druing the delivery procedure and some stuff was removed from it too! This is really a very bad impression from the TCS staff! Can you imagine your confidential documents or any other parcels being opened and your personal stuff being removed from it ??? WTF! I was really shocked to know that TCS tampers with your parcels and not only this, they remove the enclosed stuff and documents out of your parcels! without any notification on the parcel or of any sort! and also, those removed items are not returned to the sender, rather they are kept with them, for their personal use.

Upon some investigation and banging of the head in the TCS courier system offices, it came out that the parcel was opened and items removed at the senders area TCS office.

I don’t think that i will be able to trust TCS anymore and will never recommend anyone to send any confidential data/money via tcs ever! They might remove your items and/or money added in the parcel and simply refuse that it was there altogether! or maybe you don’t even notice or enquire the party regarding the contents of the parcel sent!

So just be careful when you chose TCS (or others, who knows!) not only in Islamabad, Pakistan, but also in other cities and countries! This is really a shameful act from such a renown company! and it’s no more secure to use it for personal and important stuff including money!

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