Earthquake in Lahore 20 march 2014

Just had jolts of earthquake in lahore, Pakistan. (Many reports are from the lahore cantt about earthquake)

The jolts weren’t much scary but haven’t experienced the zalzala here for quite a while! so it was bit strange!

The earthquake lasted for around 4 seconds or so.

Will update more if there’s anything interesting! stay tuned!

Update 1 :

according to some people, the jolts were “scary” and “uninteresting”

the magnitude of the earthquake in lahore today appears to be around 5 (unofficial)

11 thoughts on “Earthquake in Lahore 20 march 2014”

  1. What?. “Interesting?”.
    For Allah sake, it is a time for Fear from Allah.
    and you are saying “interesting”.

  2. It was sudden and short but strong enough to make me jump from my sofa where I was relaxing. My folks were not home and did not feel it. In fact they thought I was just imagining.

  3. Coming from the uk. The nearest we come to natural events is heavy rainfall. Albeit it ( the tremors) lasted a few seconds, in my opinion it was a scary moment. My heart was racing for many a minutes after the event. My mind raced towards Allah subhanuatalah and in his almighty rememberance. These natural signs are a reminder from Allah to us all of his Almighty grace and power.

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