Why Head Of Schools Treat Teachers Badly

Teachers are very important members of building social values and ethics. They should be honored respectfully by all people around them; from students to colleagues to administration of school. But unfortunately, importance of teachers is decreasing day by day. They have been humiliated and detered for many reasons, which are useless and don’t matter in this profession. And all credit goes to head of schools, who are the first ones to dishonor the gratitude and respect of a teacher, who deliberately wants to give hi/ her utmost services.

In every relgion,  a teacher has been bestowed with special blessings by the God. Reason is, he/she is the one who develops positive attitude in child’s mind. Students always come to the teacher with empty minds and these are teachers, who put their hard effort to insert valuable and informative things inside their student’s brain so that good outcome can be generated through society. If students’ minds are matured then whole nation becomes one of the best nations of the world.

But heads of every school don’t bother to keep up the individuality of a teacher. They just want from him/her to work like a machine. Heads want everything perfect from teachers and in return, they don’t even praise their efforts openly. How can a teacher increase his/her moral level up, when heads of departments are giving favors to those, who behave like their tails?In every institution, it has been assesed that favorites are always win the battlefield and get the promotions more than those who are deserving and give much more than being a teacher.

A sincere teacher gives his/her heart and soul to the school by keeping this in mind that heads will offer him/her better opertunities but failed to get them. Due to this, turnover rate in most of the schools is high and teachers want to switch over that institution, where they can have job security as well as respect and affection by the heads.

I don’t know whats the matter with heads? Why they show their rude behavior most of the time. You should point out the mistakes of the teachers but instead of hitting their heads, you should guide and direct them towards those methods, which can be helpful to make teaching techniques better. This is the way a good relationship between a teacher and head can go on. I wish, heads can be able to understand the feelings of teachers and they can give humanly respect to  them because people cannot get educated and sensible without the help of an efficient and honest teacher.

How To Handle New Toodler In Playgroup?

Parents want to see their babies having strong basics. For this purpose, they send them in day cares and sometimes, directly to Playgroup. Instead of sending your child in daycare, it’s better to admit him/her in Playgroup at the age of 3. This is the perfect age to let your child realize that now he/she needs to open his eyes in a new world. It’s not only difficult for parents to send their toodlers in school but also teachers face numbers of difficulties while handling a new comer. Here are tips, i will share with you, through which, you can make new toddler relaxed throughout his/her new day.

When you get your new admission in the class, greet him/her like you know him/her since birth. It will give a little push to new comer adjusting with you. He/she will get relaxed to some extent that he/she is in safe hands. Maybe, first time, you would have to listen to his/her screaming and crying but there is nothing to worry. You can stop his/her crying through effective tricks. You should greed him by offering some candies and chocolates. Mostly children stop crying, when they find their favorite thing so easily. Kids cannot keep away from candies and chocolates so you can freely take support of these things.

If you see, new comer is not handling at all by showing candies too then you should keep him busy in different activties. You should give him playdough because it’s a favorite game of several playgroup children. You should also sit beside him/her in order to show, how attractive things can be made from playdough. Kid will show little attention towards this activity and after a while, he/she will start sharing the ideas to make more interesting things with playdough. You can also handle new admission with help of coulring activity. Put a coloring book and one colour box in front of toddler and let him/her to show some creative work. Toddlers love to color a lot. These are few tips and suggestion, which i have implemented a lot and i have got definite success in my playgroup class.