When I repelled first time – an awesome experience

Please don’t ask me what repelling is! um.. well ok those who don’t know about it, it’s an act of coming down from a rope, jumping and pushing along the wall or hill/rock (you might have seen it in movies and commando stuff)

When I first repelled, it was scary! not because I was scared of height, but because it involves another person who is holding the rope (your string of life) and unless you have held that rope for someone else, you’re always scared that other person might do something wrong and you might free fall down to the “Grave”.

Well when the first time I repelled on our adventure training camp, it was awesome! heart beating fast, asking the helper guy again and again to keep his focus! tied the gadgets for repelling and jumped off! pushed, pushed and all the way down… sounds simple right? it wasn’t . . . it took my breath away! literally!

And when you keep practicing, you get more and more skilled and jumps / pushes get longer and longer, and the moment of (almost) free fall becomes more rocking!

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