My Sleeping Pattern Seriously disturbed! :s

Along with trying many other things almost every day in my life, one of the things to take care of is sleep cycle! and believe me it seriously needs some changes to it! I literally feel like owl some times being awake all night and sleeping in the day.

Well some times its a blessing because there are less noises and interference at night including that the dog in the neighbors house usually remains silent at that time! :D a real blessing! (ya i was thinking of complaining against them! dog barking all the time at day!)

But this strange routine leads to many problems too, for example i had to goto the university tomorrow for some tasks! and obviously i won’t be going now! damn! delayed one more day!

Not only this, but many people don’t like me having disturbed sleep timing. Including my mom and my friends. Any how! i keep on trying to bring my cycle back to normal . . . early to bed, early to rise . . . but i can only manage “early to bed” because i sleep when its early in the morning :D

I hope once i become a doctor (soon) my sleeping pattern will disturb more :D :p atleast once I am in house job! :( (if i pass ofcourse!)

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