My bro getting married in a week!!!

Oh no no! it’s not an invitation :p was just an info being provided for free! :)

Well you all know what’s going to be special about it! ofcourse alot for him and my family in general, but with me . . well! guess what, it’s my turn next ;)

Honestly speaking, I’m too scared, I mean my mom is going to be after me to chose a girl and marry bla bla bla (if she gets time off fighting my bhabhi!) ! damn! I’m way good as a bachelor!

I hope this event goes well though!

Masjid to bana di shab bhar mai imaan ki hararat walon

A beautiful poem by Dr Iqbal.

Wonderful stanzas, specially the last one, . . .

Masjid to bana di shab bhar mai imaan ki hararat walon ne Mun apna purana papi ha i, berson mai namazi ban na saka

Kia khoob Ameer-e-faisal ko sunwasi ne pegham diya Tu naam-o-nasab ka hijazi hai ,per dil ka hijazi ban na saka

Ter aankhein to ho jatin hain,per kia lazzat us ronay mai Jab khoon-e-jigar ki aamezish se ashk piyazi ban na saka

Iqbal bara updeshak hai mun baaton mai moh leta hai Guftaar ka ye ghazi to bana , kirdaar ka ghazi ban na saka

Iqbal day special

Iqbal day, 9th of November, celebrated, just like every it’s every year.

One day Iqbal’s friend Faqeer Najm-ud-din met Allama Iqbal. He saw that Iqbal is holding a letter in his hand, which he reads again and again, and every time he read it, he cry… Faqeer Najmuddin asked him the reason why he was crying, Iqbal said, a Cambridge university Professor has asked me for the permission to translate my book into his language. Faqeer Najmuddin was surprised and asked that why are you crying over it? Isn’t it something to be proud of? Iqbal wiped off his tears and said what makes me cry is that, the nation who I wrote all this for, they don’t even bother to read it, let alone understanding it, where as non-Muslims are trying to translate my poetry and give it to their nation. Faqeer Najmuddin eyes also got tears after listening to Iqbal’s answer.

How did we celebrate Iqbal day? some universities had holiday and some didn’t. Most of the people spent their day watching tv or movies at their homes, or roaming around with their friends or family . . .Have we ever read Iqba’s message?

One strange misconception is, that Iqbal gave the idea of partition of the subcontinent, which he definitely didn’t. Partition was not even an issue of discussion until 1940’s even. In 1946, congress and muslim league started a combined government even, which failed because leaders of both the parties were not ready to comprise with other one.

However, Iqbal gave the dream of Muslim unity and rise of every Muslim as the true Caliph of Allah . . . have we pondered over it? have we tried to remember that part of his dream?

Some people say if Iqbal and Muhammad Ali Jinnah are reborn today, Pakistan would be a different place . . .

I think, if they are born again today, they will die again due to shock after seeing the situation of Pakistan . . . but unfortunately it don’t even make us concerned.

May Allah give us the ability to clean our own house . . .and ourselves . . . instead of waiting like a disabled person on a hospital bed, waiting for someone to do everything for them . . .

Cure for dengue fever by apple and lemon? – true or fake ?

I received an sms today on my cell phone having some info about curing dengue fever through apple and lemon!

Upon checking on google, I wasn’t able to find any info about apple and lemon and if they help in any type of platelet activity or to cover up thrombocytopenia.

I could only find another person who was asking the same question that he got an sms saying this to him, and guess what, he was from my country Pakistan too!

Well maybe this is helpful cure or maybe just a myth! ?

Here is the text from the sms (it’s in urdu – translation after the original text)

Tabbeb M. Shafiq ne apni tehqeq se prove kiya hai k Apple juice mai Lemon k few drops mila kar Dingi Virus k paticent ko pilaya jaye tu us se Pletllates ki tadad mai bohat ziyada ezafa ho jata hai.

Ye Dingi Virus ka mouassar or azmuda elaj hai.

Plz jahan tak ho sake is msg ko sadqa-e-jariya krain


Doctor M. Shafiq has proved through his research that Apple juice with few drops of lemon in it, if administered to Dengue fever patient, will improve his platelet count markedly.

This is an effective and tested treatment of Dengue virus fever.

Please spread this message as much as you can

I am not sure if this is really some researched stuff or just a random message circulating! anyone having info on it is requested to share please!

The world autopilot on artificial intelligence . . ? God! please review!

God made the world heaven, man made it hell…. the only one to blame is the human being, ruining it’s own paradise . . . ?

Yeah right!

How many of you are programmers? or have ever coded a software or script? anyway, let me explain something.

A company makes a game..  a wonderful one, all beautiful graphics and stuff. .. . and in the game, there is a powerful character (or set’s of character) who keep on destroying the game stuff, like system in it and damaging others etc. And in the end, the game creator, publishes a statement, saying, the character was the culprit, it destroyed the game.. .hell yeah! he is! it’s him to be blamed.

Lets see another example, I have two cars in my hand, remote control cars, and i race them, both of them in my hands, and i let one of them win, and one lose, and in the end, i declare, that the one that loses, I’ll throw it in the fire . . .. yeah! it deserves it man! it didn’t follow the right path and lost! right?

Science is working alot on artificial intelligence, creating systems to solve out various issues around . . . have God placed the system in the world on auto pilot? some prayers that pass the system get approved and rest are pending in the que? What is God waiting for ? busy in some important stuff? or just playing?

God is great, no doubt about it, all praise to Him, and I submit myself to him, but, did He ever felt pain? ever felt hopeless? ever cried? ever felt speechless and desperate ? ever . . .. !

Sorry Allah…. when i text you, my message never gets delivered, when I call , it says the number I have dialed is not available, when i Pray, it goes in que (for my benefit! right!) . . .  I’m tired, have you ever felt tired and sick ? and hopeless?

God, if world fails, YOUR CREATION fails . . . and it’s not the creation which fails. . .

Meaning of: Manam mehve khiyaal-e-oo – Nami danam kuja raftam

Got sms from my cousin, asking what is meant by Manam mehv-e khiyaal-e-oo Nami danam Kuja raftam.

Well it was very interesting finding the meaning of this stanza from the kalam of maulana roomi Hazrat Bu Ali Qalandar, but finally got it! without the help of any persian / farsi speaking friend (except for my friend Google :))

In short, the stanza means: I am busy in thoughts of you – don’t know where did I got lost!

Meaning, I got lost somewhere while i was busy in thoughts of you!

For those who want to know how did i got this translation, i went to the roman to urdu / persian writer and then after generating text from it, i went to google translator for perisan to english and got my translation :)

yar bhi rah ki dewaar samjhtay hain mughay . . . mai samjhta tha meray yaar samjhtay hain mughay

Came through a brilliant poem by some poet who calls himself shahid. You need a state to write and comprehend these type of words . . . ya i know, i don’t have that level of zauq and comprehension power. . .

Actually i heard this poem, and the way the presenter read it, it was heart pouring…

So here you are guys, have alook… almost truly speaking of my current state . . .


yar bhi rah ki dewaar samjhtay hain mughay … mai samjhta tha meray yaar samjhtay hain mughay


jarr ukhrnay se ghukao hai meri shakhoon mai … dosray loog samarbaar samjhtay hain mughay


kia pta kal yehi taboot mera ban jay … aj jis takht ka haqdaar samjhtay hain mughay


naik logon mai mughay naik gina jaata hai … aor gunahgaar – gunahgaar samjhtay hain mughay


mai tou khud biknay ko bazar mai aaya hoa hon … aor dukaandaar, khareedar samjhtay hain mughay


mai badaltay hoay halaat mai dhal jata hon … daikhnay walay adakaar samjhtay hain mughay


woh jo us paar hain, is paar mughay jaantay hain … yeh jo is paar hain, us paar samjhtay hain mughay


mai tou yun chup hon kai andar se bht khaali hon . . . aor yeh loog purisraar samjhtay hain mughay


roshni baantta hon sarhadoon ke paar bhi mai … hamwatan is liay gaddar samjhtay hain mughay


jurm yeh hai keh in andhoon mai hon ankhoon wala … aor saza yeh hai keh sardaar samjhtay hain mughay


laash ki trah sar-e-aab hon mai aor “shahid” doobnay walay madadgaar samjhtay hain mughay

Clockwise or Anticlockwise? (rotating girl illusion)

Hey guys there is an illusion (pretty old one though) in which there is this girl rotating like she is spinning.

The fun with it is that the women appears to be spinning in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction. For some people, on first sight, it is anticlockwise and for others it’s clockwise! But some can also change the direction of spin if they want to imagine some way!

Check out this image below and tell in comments that is this spinning clockwise or anticlockwise? and can you make the rotating girl spin in opposite direction too?

spinning woman rotating girl

Isn’t it cool? it’s such a beautiful trick and looks like magic!!!

Study = Fail ? :p

Hey guys! check this one out. I came across this picture just now and found it interesting! so thought to share it!

Ya i know many of us have seen stuff like this many many times before! but lets revise the lesson and the wonderful equation! :p

study = fail

Isn’t it really so? do you fail every time you study? or don’t you? what’s your experience on that?

How to become rich – an Islamic approach

There are many tips that we all know on how to earn more and avoid unnecessary expenses. Specially Islamic approach on how to get rich too.

Rizq don’t include money only. It includes every naimat.

Here i will enlist few of the things on how to come out of poverty state as per Islamic approach

  • First of all, although you are starting this stuff to get rich, don’t keep that as your goal, goal is to make Allah happy. So even if you don’t get anything out of it, be happy with it.
  • Offer 5 times prayer
  • Read Quran (specially surah Waqiah – it increases rizq alot)
  • Avoid Zana as much as possible as it decreses rizq
  • Give sadqa and help the needy as much as u can randomly and just forget right after helping him.
  • Work hard and expect return from Allah
  • Pray to Allah and don’t forget to say Darood sharif in begining and end of the dua.
  • Don’t forge to say Ameen at the end of your dua / prayers.
  • When you enter the home, say Salam loudly and then Darood sharif and 3 times surah Ikhlaas

InshaAllah this will not only fix the financial problem of you and your home but also of the people around and associated with you.

If you have any tips related to this topic do share them too!