How to become rich – an Islamic approach

There are many tips that we all know on how to earn more and avoid unnecessary expenses. Specially Islamic approach on how to get rich too.

Rizq don’t include money only. It includes every naimat.

Here i will enlist few of the things on how to come out of poverty state as per Islamic approach

  • First of all, although you are starting this stuff to get rich, don’t keep that as your goal, goal is to make Allah happy. So even if you don’t get anything out of it, be happy with it.
  • Offer 5 times prayer
  • Read Quran (specially surah Waqiah – it increases rizq alot)
  • Avoid Zana as much as possible as it decreses rizq
  • Give sadqa and help the needy as much as u can randomly and just forget right after helping him.
  • Work hard and expect return from Allah
  • Pray to Allah and don’t forget to say Darood sharif in begining and end of the dua.
  • Don’t forge to say Ameen at the end of your dua / prayers.
  • When you enter the home, say Salam loudly and then Darood sharif and 3 times surah Ikhlaas

InshaAllah this will not only fix the financial problem of you and your home but also of the people around and associated with you.

If you have any tips related to this topic do share them too!

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