Iqbal day special

Iqbal day, 9th of November, celebrated, just like every it’s every year.

One day Iqbal’s friend Faqeer Najm-ud-din met Allama Iqbal. He saw that Iqbal is holding a letter in his hand, which he reads again and again, and every time he read it, he cry… Faqeer Najmuddin asked him the reason why he was crying, Iqbal said, a Cambridge university Professor has asked me for the permission to translate my book into his language. Faqeer Najmuddin was surprised and asked that why are you crying over it? Isn’t it something to be proud of? Iqbal wiped off his tears and said what makes me cry is that, the nation who I wrote all this for, they don’t even bother to read it, let alone understanding it, where as non-Muslims are trying to translate my poetry and give it to their nation. Faqeer Najmuddin eyes also got tears after listening to Iqbal’s answer.

How did we celebrate Iqbal day? some universities had holiday and some didn’t. Most of the people spent their day watching tv or movies at their homes, or roaming around with their friends or family . . .Have we ever read Iqba’s message?

One strange misconception is, that Iqbal gave the idea of partition of the subcontinent, which he definitely didn’t. Partition was not even an issue of discussion until 1940’s even. In 1946, congress and muslim league started a combined government even, which failed because leaders of both the parties were not ready to comprise with other one.

However, Iqbal gave the dream of Muslim unity and rise of every Muslim as the true Caliph of Allah . . . have we pondered over it? have we tried to remember that part of his dream?

Some people say if Iqbal and Muhammad Ali Jinnah are reborn today, Pakistan would be a different place . . .

I think, if they are born again today, they will die again due to shock after seeing the situation of Pakistan . . . but unfortunately it don’t even make us concerned.

May Allah give us the ability to clean our own house . . .and ourselves . . . instead of waiting like a disabled person on a hospital bed, waiting for someone to do everything for them . . .

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