Meaning of: Manam mehve khiyaal-e-oo – Nami danam kuja raftam

Got sms from my cousin, asking what is meant by Manam mehv-e khiyaal-e-oo Nami danam Kuja raftam.

Well it was very interesting finding the meaning of this stanza from the kalam of maulana roomi Hazrat Bu Ali Qalandar, but finally got it! without the help of any persian / farsi speaking friend (except for my friend Google :))

In short, the stanza means: I am busy in thoughts of you – don’t know where did I got lost!

Meaning, I got lost somewhere while i was busy in thoughts of you!

For those who want to know how did i got this translation, i went to the roman to urdu / persian writer and then after generating text from it, i went to google translator for perisan to english and got my translation :)