Cure for dengue fever by apple and lemon? – true or fake ?

I received an sms today on my cell phone having some info about curing dengue fever through apple and lemon!

Upon checking on google, I wasn’t able to find any info about apple and lemon and if they help in any type of platelet activity or to cover up thrombocytopenia.

I could only find another person who was asking the same question that he got an sms saying this to him, and guess what, he was from my country Pakistan too!

Well maybe this is helpful cure or maybe just a myth! ?

Here is the text from the sms (it’s in urdu – translation after the original text)

Tabbeb M. Shafiq ne apni tehqeq se prove kiya hai k Apple juice mai Lemon k few drops mila kar Dingi Virus k paticent ko pilaya jaye tu us se Pletllates ki tadad mai bohat ziyada ezafa ho jata hai.

Ye Dingi Virus ka mouassar or azmuda elaj hai.

Plz jahan tak ho sake is msg ko sadqa-e-jariya krain


Doctor M. Shafiq has proved through his research that Apple juice with few drops of lemon in it, if administered to Dengue fever patient, will improve his platelet count markedly.

This is an effective and tested treatment of Dengue virus fever.

Please spread this message as much as you can

I am not sure if this is really some researched stuff or just a random message circulating! anyone having info on it is requested to share please!

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    1. Dr Khalid, I received another message stating name of “Dr Naeem Ali” microbiologist of Quaid e Azam university Islamabad

      I think he can be tracked atleast and confirmed if this is really so! I will try in coming week to contact him inshaAllah

    2. Assalam-o-Alakum Dr saheeb this is all wrong about Apple juice hahaha there is no relationship between apple and lemon its all fake only for cheap sms packages..

  1. Hi,

    I have also received the same message stating Dr. Naeem Ali from Quaid-e-azam University Islamabad, Please let us know if it is true or otherwise.

  2. I’ve reached this page through Google and received the SMS stating name of Dr. Naeem Ali. I have checked his name and phone number at the QU website, microbiology dept.

    Following is the phone number and email address of the Dr.

    Phone: 9064-3194
    E-mail: [email protected]

    As I’m not a person from medical, so I’ll not ask him accordingly. If you have any talk with Dr. in future, please share it here.

  3. i got d same msg wid name of DR naeem ali…
    i think itz juxt a fake msg..
    anyone having any info regarding diz,,so inform as soon as poosible..

  4. m a pharmacist actually…..

    According to my knowledge, there may be some truth but how ? i don’t know…..any ways drinking one-half cup of pure lemon juice (enough to make eight glasses of lemonade) every day raises citrate levels in the urine, which might protect against calcium stones.
    while Apple and cranberry juice contain oxalates, and both have been associated with a higher risk for calcium oxalate stones…..

    So Be cautious before using such a formulation coz it may harm u……

  5. wts this fish
    its not true
    just to send more & more msgs..its consprincy of network company to increase msg usage
    for GOD sake..dont do this..its matter of people’s life

  6. I havew send naeem a mail,he is an AP at QAU,his contacts can be had fron i will call him too,and report,this is all hoax,distracting people,giaming benefits,you advise something as simple as apple juice with a few lemon drops,which have no relationships with thrombocyte formation,and stil many stupids will call you,and you will start rollin in money,this is our society,conservative,ridiculously so.

  7. These are stupid messages. I have contacted Dr. Naeem of QUA and he confirmed that there was no such research. Due to cheap SMS packages thes sms are cirulated on a larger scale and no one bothers to confirm before sending to others.

    1. thanx dear im agree with u. 2day i recieved this msg bt b4 forwarding i thought to confirm it from ur discussion it is clearly confirm tha this msg is fake….. thanx again

  8. I also received the same message that Dr. Naeem from QU has proved the treatment of Dengue with Apple Juice & Lemon. I think its fake.

    I would like to say to all the people that all the messages u receive especially those in which someone is refrenced just like some quotations/Ahadees circulated in sms, widout any confirmation, plz dont fwd them until u dnt confirm that its true or not.

  9. I have been receiving such SMS regarding dr Naeem Ali’s cure for dangue virus cure. But I think ppl forward this msg without confirming. Dr naeem ali of quaid-e-azam university should clarify to eliminate the misconception

  10. Thanks its very helpfull forum… i recieved this sms today and before forwarding i think i must have to confirm whether its true or fake… thanks Dr Nabeel…

  11. I also contacted Dr. Nadeem Ali at Quid-e-Azam University Islamabad and he denied any such research. SMS circulating by his name is fake. However, there are some Hakeems (tibe-unani) who say that intake of plenty of apple juice by the Dengue Fever patient increases the pletlets count significantly. (Shifa is from Allah)

    Moreover, it’s treatment is possible in homeopethic also. They treat fast decreasing pletlets.


    the links above contain complete knowledge of curing dengui and telling where does this message came from means its origin.The fact of Lemon is some how true but there are better ways to cure dengui toooo……………….HOPE THIS HELPS

  13. Dear sir,

    If this experiment can not help in development of the platelets, can it stop damage caused by the virus to the existent platelets in human body or can it kill the attacker viruses?

    Can any one conduct this research?


  14. Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) on Wednesday issued a clarification with reference to a large spread text message revealing the cure of Dengue fever by Dr. Naeem Ali a faculty member of Department of Micro Biology, QAU. University has strongly condemned the spreading of such fake information and clarified that any department or faculty member of QAU has discovered no such cure of Dengue Fever. QAU would strongly recommend to people to use those medicines and treatment strategies, which are being recommended by their registered physician at public hospital and avoid using such baseless remedies. (

  15. I am a nutritionist!! though i don’t have any medical knowledge about dengue fever…..but the common symptoms that are known to everyone that the virus attacks the bone marrow and platelets count starts dropping….hence the blood coagulation factor is affected…the patient may internally and externally bleed to death….the Blood pressure drops low…and the patient if not given medical care can go into shock which is hard to recover….there is no known treatment for dengue virus fever….so if someone started the sms telling the people to drink apple juice with a few drops of lemon juice added…there is no harm in this simple treatment…but taking other people’s names who have not conducted any research in this matter is wrong….so for my those brothers and sisters who have a doubt in the credibility of apple juice in the treatment of dengue..i will like to say that this simple treatment does help….i can explain this in the context of my nutritional knowledge….if i am wrong in this..i would appreciate to be corrected and updated….from our childhood we have been hearing that an apple a day keeps a doctor away…this is not just a saying but its true…as apples are a source of flavonoids and polyphenols — collectively known as phytochemicals or phytonutrients — found both within the flesh of apple and the skin — provide the fruit’s anti-oxidant and anti-cancer benefits.An anti-oxidant is one of many chemicals that reduce or prevent oxidation, thus preventing cell and tissue damage from free radicals in the body. I can explain it in more detail but to be very precise….the antioxident agents present in apples does help in platelet degeneration…the same happens in leukemia…blood cancer that blood platelet count drops…in dengue fever …platelets the body starts building its own platelets soon by itself….but the patient’s body fluid balance should be maintained through rehydration orally or through drips… so drinking apple juice or other juice which contain lots of vitamins boosts up body’s immune system and helps the patient in fighting against the disease….and since lemons are the excellent source of vitamin c, which helps in improving body’s immune system….so adding a few drops of it increases its vitamin c content …. so i can so well see a link of apple juice with added lemon juice in fighting with dengue or other diseases/

    1. Yes thats how it improves the platelet count . We did this with alot of dengue patients and all got fine within 4-6 days

  16. Definitely consider that which you said. Your favourite justification appeared to be at the internet the easiest factor to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get annoyed even as other people think about worries that they just do not realize about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the top as well as outlined out the whole thing without having side effect , other people could take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thank you

  17. I talked to the denge virus and they said that many of their family members died because of this so this is true

    what proof do u need now :P

  18. Dr Nabeel please tell me that how the lemon and apple juice increase the platelet count in dengue fever. I m on research work on “Role of lemon and apple juice in chemotheraphy induced thrombocytopenia” and i want to know about this that can lemon juice increase the platelet count in chemotheraphy induce thrombocytopenia if so then How? please answer me as soon as possible till 09 feb 2015.thanks

  19. Dr Nabeel please tell me that how the lemon and apple juice increase the platelet count in dengue fever.If it can increase the platelet count in dengue so it can also increase its count in chemotheraphy induced thrombocytopenia.I m on research work on “Role of lemon and apple juice in chemotheraphy induced thrombocytopenia” and i want to know about this that can lemon juice increase the platelet count in chemotheraphy induce thrombocytopenia? If so then How? please answer me as soon as possible till 09 feb 2015.thanks

  20. I m confirm about that the lemon juice can increase the platelete count in dengue if any one want confirmation see the constituents of papaya juice which contain about 75 % of citric acid and papaya juice is useful in increasing platelet count so lemon juice also contain citric acid in large quantity.But i want to know the action of lemon juice in chemotheraphy induced thrombocytopenia.And at which stage of platelet formation the citric acid or lemon juice do it`s action.If any one know or searched please tell me about it.

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