Clockwise or Anticlockwise? (rotating girl illusion)

Hey guys there is an illusion (pretty old one though) in which there is this girl rotating like she is spinning.

The fun with it is that the women appears to be spinning in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction. For some people, on first sight, it is anticlockwise and for others it’s clockwise! But some can also change the direction of spin if they want to imagine some way!

Check out this image below and tell in comments that is this spinning clockwise or anticlockwise? and can you make the rotating girl spin in opposite direction too?

spinning woman rotating girl

Isn’t it cool? it’s such a beautiful trick and looks like magic!!!

One thought on “Clockwise or Anticlockwise? (rotating girl illusion)”

  1. I dont know if there’s something wrong with my eyes or if its a faulty illusion but i can only see her rotating anticlockwise!!!
    NO clockwise rotation!!:D

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