Playing Doctor Doctor!

stethLying on my bed after coming back from medical school/hospital, watching some videos on youtube and planning to sleep, my mom called me up, saying that the neighbors need some hep, their mom came from the village and is now feeling bad and congested here, so they are requesting to you to just meet her, check her blood pressure and make her relax and stuff! arghh!!! seriously! i mean, comeon! what the hell is this? why don’t they take her to the doctor in some hospital or clinic if she is complaining! why do they just don’t trust the old people when they say that they are not feeling well!

Well, have to get up! changed the trousers and picked up my steth and bp appratus, and went to their home, checked the old lady, she was complaining of bad mood and suffocation here, and also lower back pain. She had hearing problem, but was not using any hearing aid. I asked the family why don’t they provide her with hearing aid, they said coz she don’t use it bla bla.

I tried to question about her back ache, but the family was just asking me that ok, please check her bp and tell her that it’s normal, and back ache is just ok and all!

I checked her blood pressure, it was 165/85. Well, i told them its high, and they were telling me that no, its not high! lol, i asked them when was the last time they follow up with the doctor who is treating her high blood pressure, they said maybe a month ago, and when i asked who is he? any specialist? they said no, just some doctor in the village, i doubt if that really is some doctor or a quake!

I tried to convince them to take her to the hospital and specialist today so that he can check her and offer some better medication!

I wonder why don’t we people take care of our elders/parents when they go old! We asians claim that we live with our parents when they are old, not like the westerns who throw them in the old houses, but seriously, we ain’t doing no good, whats the use of just dumping them in some corner of your home. Just take care of them a bit! it doesn’t take much …

Oh well, did i mention? they didn’t even offer me my fee! :( not even a glass of water! Just thank you and good bye! comeon! i deserved more than that!

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  1. lol nabeel it happens every where tmhain problem isse thi k unhone tmhain fees offer nae ki hahaha but its good to hear tht u care about someone

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