haqeeqat ka agar afsaana ban jay tou kia kijay! – lyrics + song

Following are the lyrics of the awsome qawali by ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The video is also embedded below.

haqeeqat ka agar afsaana ban jay tou kia kijay!
galay mil ke bhi woh begaana ban jay tou kia keejay

hamai sou baar tarq-e-maikashi manzoor hai laikin
nazar uski agr maikhaana ban jay tou kia ki jiay

nazar aata hai sajday mai, jo aksar sheikh sahib ko
woh jalwa, jalwa-e-janaana ban jay tou kia keejay

tere milnay se, jo mujh ko, hameesha manaa krta hai
agr woh bhi tera deewana, ban jay tou kia kijiay

Haqeeqat ka agar afsaana ban jay PART 1

haqeeat ka agr afsana ban jay PART 2

2 thoughts on “haqeeqat ka agar afsaana ban jay tou kia kijay! – lyrics + song”

  1. Thank you Mr. “Ahmad Hassan” for mentioning some important and unforgettable qawwalis. The one ‘Aahen na bhari shiqwe na kiye kuch bhi na zubaan se kaam liya’ is must in the list rather in the top five. Its very enlightening to read your knowledgeable comments I expect and hope to read your comments with regularity.Yes, favouritism differs from person to person. To me ‘yeh ishq ishq hai’ from Barsaat Ki Raat is the mother of all qawwalis.This is great i really miss nusrat.All the qawalies of IS THis person best admipation of ALLAH,which realizes me that ALLAH is one and omnipresent,But a bitter truth is that atif aslam cant face the voice of sabri brothers they were the best in every way
    i suggested you fool people to her the best quvali in the whole world ever BALA GUL U LA PAY KAMA LAY HEE
    That is read by sabri brothers SABRI BROTHERS ARE THE BEST.

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