Columbus day – memory of torture, racism, genocide, rape, grand theft . . .

I was on Facebook today and saw a somewhat weird post regarding columbus day.

Would simple share the image and text beneath it, in the end do let me know your views!

As Yanks celebrate Christopher ‘Asshole’ Columbus day, let me remind you of few facts coupled with my opinions:


Christopher Columbus wasn’t the first European to land in America, it was Leif Ericson.

What do we mean when we say Christopher Columbus discovered America? So basically it was an empty piece of land inhibited by none when this motherfucker landed on the shores, yeah?! The same way European Jews profess to believe that b/w their ancestors leaving the Holy Land and them migrating back, Holy Land was uninhibited. Bullshit! Native Americans lived peacefully and happily for centuries before these motherfuckers came to rob their land. Its not discovery, its robbery!! Its theft, grand theft!!


Christopher Columnbus once said, “Gold is most excellent; gold is treasure, and he who possesses it does all he wishes to in this world.”

Modern day Capitalism finds roots in this illegal immigration, yes, illegal immigration!


Christopher Columbus adhered to Apocalyptic Christianity.

This Asshole firmly believed that Christ would only come back after Christinaity has spread far and wide. This motivated him, coupled with his prmiary motive – greed for gold, to set sail; a materialistic cum spiritual journey that would result in the genocide, torture and rape of tens of millions of indigenous people. And sorry to say but this isn’t it, victimisation doesn’t ends here, it was just a beginning of a saga that is in effect to this very day. Just think for a second, what if his ship would have drowned in the Atlantic, not just that there would have had been no massacres of the indigenous people but also there would have had been no genocides that were caused directly or indirectly by the CIA. Yes, to blame modern day Americans is as unreasonable as is to ignore this motherfucker’s contribtuion in this saga of endless war crimes against humanity which started with the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans and don’t seem to end anytime sooner.


On his second voyage, in December 1494, Columbus captured 1,500 Tainos on the island of Hispaniola and herded them to Isabela, where 550 of ”the best males and females” were forced aboard ships bound for the slave markets of Seville.

This officially marks the beginning of slave trade, a tradition initiated by the so-called civilized people to build up a new civilization on the remnants of an old – much better, more peaceful – civilization by enslaving people from other – again, much better, more peaceful – civilizations.


Under Columbus’s leadership, the Spanish attacked the Taino, sparing neither men, women nor children. Warfare, forced labor, starvation and disease reduced Hispaniola’s Taino population (estimated at one million to two million in 1492) to extinction within 30 years.

This officially marks the beginning of the heinous tradition of committing genocides in the name of spreading civilization.

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  1. you are right … although history is important for the growth of mankind, I believe we all are blindfolded to what actually happened in the past. Some of the news from the past may not be true, there are a lot of conspiracy behind it.

    I just take like to understand the history but cannot totally believe in what it was saying … thanks sharing the assshooollle day…

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