The nai and my bhai

Well today we got some issue between my brother(bhai) and the cook (nai).

What was the issue? well, my mom asked him to get a daig cooked from the nai of biryani. Well, as he took his own meat and rice to him to use for biryani dish, maybe the nai/cook felt insulted!

So in the end when the biryani was ready, and some what crappy / ruined, the nai blammed my bro for it! saying that he was the one who bought bad rice!

He said that first of all the meat was of some female goat, thats why it didn’t get cooked / gala soon, took too much time, and the rice were of bad quality and small size!

I just bought the daig home, haven’t eaten it yet! will update once i eat and check it out! :)

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