Why did Nancy Pelosi ripped trumps speech?

Nancy Pelosi ripped the President Trumps speech while standing behind him. There are many speculations as to why she did such a stunt?

However, when she was walking out, a media reporter asked her why she ripped the Trump’s state of the union speech and she replied.

Reporter asked:

Why did you rip the speech up Madame Speaker?


And Nancy Pelosi replied:

Because it was the courteous thing to do considering the alternative

Nancy Pelosi

Video of Nancy Pelosi responding to the reporters query after tearing the papers:

Was Nancy angry with Trump over snubbed handshake?

Trump refused shaking hand with her when he first arrived for the speech. Which probably built tension between the two, and Nancy, being a female, couldn’t hold her emotions and ultimately behaved in an immature way by ripping off the speech papers in half.

Nancy prepared for the stunt by probably giving a small tear to the papers when she was sitting, so that the stunt went well when she would do it while standing in front of the camera, behind the president.

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