Memorable College Days

Days are gone, when we were used to, of enjoying myarid of college activities like fun fairs, carnivals, dance competitions, sports, valentines day etc. No one had bothered ever about whats happening outside the life of college. When you step in a different walk of life like jobs, marriage, kids etc, you often miss those days, when you were free from all the worries. At that time, you had lots of stuff to do. It was fun, when you hanged out with your friends, without having the permission of parents. Student life is quite easier than a matured life, when you have to indulge yourself in different jobs which are most important part of your life.

 A good student life cannot be successful without having a desirable group of friends. If you are not an extrovet person and want to spend the days all alone then you cannot get real flavor of your college life. With loyal friends, you can share everything from discussing different love affairs to attend the night parties at pubs and bars.

When i was a student, i enjoyed  valentines day alot, when female students were holding lots of red roses in their hands which they got from their boyfriends. We often bothered many love couples on valentines day by giving them funny comments which irrirtated them the most. Especially at the time of new admissions, we loved to give many dares to new students. Once we had chosen one new addmissoin and gave him a dare to say ” I Love you ” to our principle.

When i recall these types of college activities in order to release my tension, it gives me supreme mental satisfaction and high level of pleasure which you cannot get from other activities of life. College days are defenitly gone but memories are still captured in the golden memories of those persons who really have spent a great deal of time in college. I am lucky to have good memories of college, friends, teachers as well as my funniest acts, which i did alot with my friends and with others.

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  1. You are absolutely right.That was a time that will never ever come back.A couple of days ago i went to my school with my best friend in school to whom i met after eight years after i found him on google.I simply have no words to describe my feelings.It was great experience .I think we should make such visits to our institutions to remind the beautiful memories.

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