Drinking water filtration plants/tube-wells in Islamabad, Pakistan

CDA has setup many tube wells in the city of Islamabad. They are distributed in almost every sector, making it like one tube well after every 1-2 km.

The tube-wells have a filtration plant set right next to them (not all of them though).

Although, those tube wells, which have the filtration plant right next to them, some people still prefer to use the water coming directly from the tubewells, instead of the filtration plant. Some of those users complain that as they filtration plants are not kept clean upto the mark and regularly changing and repairing the filters, so they are not satisfied using them.

One more complain regarding the filtration plants that arises is that they use chlorine in the drinking water, which not only makes it hazardous to some extent, but also, some times gives very bad taste and smell to the drinking water taken from those filter plants next to the tube wells.

Here are some images of the filter plants in Islamabad, Pakistan.

These pics are of the filter plant and tube well in the green belt right next to the sector G-9/3. You can see clearly that the local people use both filter plant as well as the tubewell line directly for the purpose of getting drinking water for their daily home / domestic use.

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