Thought to try out Trance music – liked it! :)

Today after returning from workout, lying on my bed with my laptop, just decided to find out the difference between techno and trance! Well, first thought to ask Sameer about it! he seems to be a pro at it! but then couldn’t wait till morning to goto university and ask him! so googled a bit and found out the answer (you can read the difference between techno and trance here: )

Well, although i didn’t like much the techno one! but the trance was awsome! (not all songs! but sort of liked it!).

You can see the difference between techno and trance here on youtube:

Techno: (The Extremist (Retro Mix))

Trance: (The Jumpmasters – Taste of Summer (Radio Edit))

In the taste of summer above, let it go for a few seconds, around 53 seconds, and you will enjoy! almost guarantee! :)

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