Downfall of Daewoo Express bus service

Daewoo started as one of its kind bus service in Pakistan back in 1999. It got popular due to its superior service and experience initially, however now not only it lacks what its competitors are providing, but also has lost the credibility with which it once started.

What made Daewoo Superior?

Daewoo was considered superior due to various reasons, including:

  • Better busses
    • Better seating and inter seats gap
    • Lunch box system during the journey
    • Regular break during the travel
    • Bus hostess to serve the passengers
    • TV and music via headphones for each passenger
    • Internet during travel
  • Better ticketing
    • Decent ticketing counters and waiting area
    • Comfortable ticketing procedure, accepting debit cards

What changed now?

Now don’t let these points make your mind that Daewoo is amazing! Well, it’s not!

First of all they started with this, and most of it is not crippled and no repair has been done so far, resulting in irreparable damage to the company’s reputation.

What pathetic service Daewoo is now? It’s:

  • Crap and broken busses
    • Seats have issues
    • Foot rests broken
    • Headphones broken
    • Headphone slots malfunction
    • Tv malfunctions (specially mid bus ones)
    • Internet not working (in fact right now I’m writing this article on this bus from Lahore to Rawalpindi, which has the malfunctioning device and isn’t turned on even)
    • No usb charging slots for mobile phones for passengers
  • Bad ticketing system
    • You can’t buy tickets online in anyway
    • You can’t book more than 3 tickets (if you do, you have to confirm buy them before 2 hours of departure or else they’re cancelled… seriously?
    • Debit cards aren’t always accepted (at least on Lahore terminal, where they’re not working for months now)
  • Leaking roofs of bus stands, during rain you can’t get into the bus without getting wet (same happened today too, when I was getting on bus from Lahore terminal)
  • Terminal shops are expensive an overcharge you. Mobile phone scratch cards are given at 10% above the original price
  • No charging slots available to charge your cell phone
  • No lockers or any secure way to keep your luggage and get yourself easy
  • No online data about shuttle service and its timings

And a lot more!

What was your experience with Daewoo bus service? How do you compare it with other bus service and also compare it with international bus services? Or any other thing that can be done, even if it’s not available anywhere in the world yet?

It’s not just about Daewoo express bus service. Thing is, we’ve accepted that this is our fate, to be suppressed and maltreated by corporations, just like government. Well it shouldn’t be like this, this should change, know your rights. It’s your right to bring anyone to justice who isn’t providing quality service.

Customer satisfaction

It’s not that if someone isn’t providing quality service, change the provider and go somewhere else. The service provider is responsible for what he’s providing and for customer satisfaction, and customers aren’t satisfied with Daewoo bus service anymore. Those who’re, feel pity on themselves probably and consider them worth of this sort of treatment where they are just a 1250rs cheque that should be provided minimum to just get it out of him and not a human being.

Comparing Daewoo to other bus services

Lets compare Daewoo express with other bus services available in Pakistan.

A lot of bus services has same busses and facilities as Daewoo express, at a much lesser charge. For example nizai express, bilal express, Abdullah travels, Faisal movers, skyways, and so on.

Now coming to the part with better services, e.g. Bilal Bus service, has busses that are even better.

  • Each bus has internal cameras that are connected to the main servers for security
  • Each seat has a tablet for passenger to enjoy during his journey

That’s not the end. Even they should improve too. A lot should improve, we should stop compromising on the penny level services we get in return of our money.

Make a habit of at least using the complain book in case of any issue. We discuss with our friends all the time about what service isn’t working, we message them, write it online! Comment here! Not to their inbox! Make it public! Let everyone know that we know our rights!

When the debit card isn’t being accepted, use the complain register, if internet device isn’t working, use it, and so on. That won’t make much of a difference directly, but it would make a difference in your and you would start taking a stand, and collectively as a nation we would be heading towards a different situation and solution. InshaAllah.