An Arabi tried to make me realize today, that i m a low cast. . . Ajami

Living the life in my world, working hard some times, and some times having rest, but considering myself to be moving ahead in some proper direction atleast, one of my friend, well, maybe so called friend, made me realize i am still very low from them, because of the two main reasons:

  1. i am not Arabi
  2. my English language is not upto their standard

Well, about English language part, thats not a issue for me, as i know English enough to understand what i need to and can easily express my views to others too. I know my language, Urdu, very well, which i need to survive in the region i am living. I might learn English more once i plan to move to some English speaking country! because, unlike many, i dont consider English language to be a status symbol.

Now comes the other part, the not being Arabi (not being born in Arab Nation) part.

Well, this one did hurt. I remember our beloved Prophet, Muhammad ( صلى الله عليه وسلم ) said that no arabi is superior to ajami and no ajami is superior to arabi in view of Allah.

But that person insulted me in it, to make me feel, as i was so lower, and unlucky , not to be born as arabi, and they were the chosen one, to be selected to be arabic.

Well . . . i don’t know why i stated this event here, but i just had a strong desire to state it . . .

Started Boxing and Gym in (Ramadan) September 2009

With the start of Ramadan and September of this year (2009) i decided to join the gym and start boxing classes in our club too! I was planning for this from long! infact very long! in years! so atlast i pushed myself to leave all other things that were hindering me in doing them, and just start them!

The coach of boxing is an Irani, above 40 year age guy, not very tall! He makes special sound when he is punching, by blowing the air from his mouth, like putting off candles. . .

In the gym, well, i took my cousin Abdurrab with me, he also goes with me to the boxing now. We both started this together, below are some pics of me at the start of boxing and gym this month. I’ll paste new pics after some interval to see the change it bring.

Welcome to Nablog – My personal Blog

Asslam-0-alaikum (May peace be upon you)

My name is Muhammad Nabeel Khan and this is my personal blog. I started it today, on 7th of september, 2009 to write posts regarding my self, my life, etc, randomly, or maybe bit organized!

The ides of writing this blog was prevailing in mind from some time though! but i didn’t got that spark to start it! Well, atlast i got it!

First i thought to start it in my native language, Urdu, but then i decided to follow it in English, because of many other reasons.